Matt McClelland - 2010 Grand Master Champion

  • Awesome you look great!!! I am getting ready to start 1st challenge and you are an inspiration..Congrat!!

  • Thanks you for your kind words everyone!  All I can say is work hard, hit the high points and you can do it too!  

    Don't make excuses, get it done.

    Matthew McClelland

    2010 Grand Master Champion

  • Congats Matt, Great job. Your boys will love playing with their dad excellent choice. Your'e right if you can do I can. From Mr. Joe average wow what a difference, Enjoy the ride you deserve it.


  • I'm going to put up my alternate photo that they didn't use, but was my favorite!  Let me say to anyone entering, practice posing for your after photos!  Seems like a minor detail, but I hadn't worked on it and found out the hard way that it's incredibly difficult to flex everything without having a ridiculous look on your face!

    Matthew McClelland

    2010 Grand Master Champion

  • Matt,

    I completely agree practice, practice, practice your pose. I found myself gritting my teeth throughout the  entire photo session because I was flexing so hard but my body looked kooky. I have several funny pictures as well. I could post one for fun?

    Thanks for sharing this,


  • Congrats Matthew, Great transformation

  • Way to Matt. Great work and it shows. Your kids must be proud of you too!! Great inspiration for all of us in challenges or considering one in the future.

  • I hate my after photos!  Never thought about practicing the posing until I was in front of he camera.  I probably took 300 photos that morning and struggled to find one where everything was flexed at the same time and I didn't look like I was passing gas!

    I probably should have had pro pics taken as well!


    Matthew McClelland

    2010 Grand Master Champion

  • Matt,

    Great Job, your results are inspiring. I just started and have very similar goals to yours, based on your results. I think I have the eating planned nailed but am unsure on the workout plan. Can you post a typical workout week or two for us to check out.

  • Way to go Matt! Awesome job!

  • Matt,

    Congratulations! Your family must be so proud of you. You must be so proud of yourself. You will be my inspiration to continue the practice daily.


  • Matt I just saw your alternate photo - nice!!!!!!

    Susan Berna

    2010 Body-for-LIFE Grand Master Champion

  • Matt -- awesome results and congratulations.   Can you talk a little bit about your diet and any supplements you used?

  • That's so funny, Matt.  I just couldn't do it!  I did go to a professional photographer but he left a lot to be desired.  He only took about 8 pictures total.  The thought of flexing anything in front of this dude made me laugh.  

    You look great!!

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.

  • Thanks everyone,

    I'll be posting some workout and diet tips soon, just recovering from a week alone with my four sons in which all of us caught the stomach flu.  Not fun!

    In hindsight, I would have hired a professional photographer.  I hate my after pictures.  In addition to not having practiced flexing, I was flat out exhausted from really pushing myself the final couple weeks.  You could see it in my eyes.  

    I took at least 200 pictures and there wasn't one that jumped out as "the one".  I sent the dozen or so that I narrowed it down to to a bunch of friends and family asking which one they thought I should go with.  In the few I took that I was happy with how everything was flexed, my head looked like it was about to explode.  

    It's pretty nerve wracking having spent 12 weeks working your tail off, to have to decide which picture best represents your transformation.  Even the "back" pictures.  I spent hours kicking around between photos that made my back look really big vs. photos that made it look super defined.

    I guess I picked good ones in the end!

    Matthew McClelland

    2010 Grand Master Champion