Half way through...starting week 7 tomorrow!

  • I have hit the halfway point in my challenge. I feel great and have adjusted well to eating healthy. I enjoy eating healthy foods now and do not see it as difficult as I thought. It takes me a while to shop now, because I read every label. I am really starting to hit my highs in the gym. Last week I was bummed and did not feel I was seeing any fat loss. I have learned to be patient. Over the past week, I finally had people telling me that they could see changes in the way I look. I also measured my waist and I am 1 inch smaller. I am excited to see what can happen over the next 6 weeks and thanks to everyone who has been posting on these boards. Reading the success stories and how others have struggled along the way and still made big improvements keeps me going.

  • Keep going, this works! I just finished my first session and I lost 22 lbs!! and I went down from male size 40 to 34 (sticking to 36). There were times I didn't see any results for 2 weeks so don't get bummed, just keep going!!