Trying to incorporate more tuna: what's the easiest way to take it to work (on the road) : is it still the old can?

  • For variety I want to incorporate more tuna in my diet in 2011.  (I am tired of broiled chicken and grilled chicken).  What's the easiest way to carry tuna around on the road?  I travel constantly and have to fight off the cravings for fast food and the high carb/ high fat fare offered in most restaurants. 

    I know I can carry a can around, and eat it out of a can.  But is there an alternative?

    Is there a convenient re-sealable "pouch" of tuna that would fit in a cooler, or is that wishful thinking?

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  • Hello,

    Have you seen the tuna pouches in the grocery store? Here is a link showing StarKist products. They offer many flavors, and varieties. Please make sure to check the fat content and sodium levels for the pre-made ones. Also, be careful of the mercury level and see the guideline recommendations by the FDA.

    Perhaps you want to consider a new recipe for chicken or turkey to shake things up. When traveling, I love the Myoplex light protein drinks. The chocolate one's are delicious.

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  • When all I want is just plain tuna or I want to stock up an emergency meal I take the can.  

    If I want to a tuna sandwich I normally take it out of the can at home and mash it up with whatever my choice is that day then slap it in tupperware.  I never ever store them the bread and tuna together I alwasy keep my bread in a  seperate container I hate soggy bread :).

    If you are afraid of leakage.  Go get yourslf some high quality containers.  If what I am storing inside Is very wet the I have some spill proof locakable contaniers.

  • There are also snap-on lids to reseal cans. Check the pet section at WalMart or Target or go to PetCo or PetSmart. They should also fit on tuna cans.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • I'm a packet girl.  One packet is perfect sized at 4 ounces for me, I'm 5'8" 162#.  They travel well in purse or bag.  Tear open eat and go.  

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