Shoulder Exercise advice needed

  • My friend and I are starting the challenge tomorrow. I have done it before, but she is new to the gym. She had shoulder surgery and another shoulder injury- what are some suggestions for  shoulders when you start out slow?

  • Use the first day of getting acclimated to weights that she can handle. In other words, it's better to  start out lighter and progress into heavier weights, than to start off too heavy.

  • Only she knows her limitations but as long as her Doctor has given the Ok to perform a weight lifting routine, a very gradual start with light weights should be the way to start.

  • As Charlie and Fitforlife stated...go Light" and "Good Form" very important. After a couple visits to the gym you will figure out what will work for you. I would suggest mixing up your exercises every so often to keep your muscles guessing. Work it!


  • It would probably be worth her while to ask her doctor or physical therapist for advice on this one.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • thanks- that is what I figured- may start out with no weight on several of the machines- went to the gym today, signed up, gonna get started with my friend tomorrow- thanks for replying

  • thanks- they gave her the go ahead,- start lightly- thanks for responding!

  • thanks for responding! we checked into the gym today-signed up- will start in am- picked the one with the most variety of machines and cardio equipment- will work out tomorrow!!!

  • thanks- will do- figured that, but just needed some other opinions!

  • thanks for your input- will start out tomorrow!- signed up for gym today!

  • I have dealt with a shoulder injury as well...never needed surgery thank goodness, but an injury nonetheless. I started with literally zero weight in the beginning. As I went up in weight during my workout with reps, if it started to hurt I stopped. Before long I was able to finish my sets, and was able to increase weight gradually. I started C2 yesterday, and yes, I can still feel the injury (even though it happened two years ago), but after three weeks rest I am starting low again (three instead of zero), and was able to finish my set. My personal recommendation is to start light and slow and work up gradually. The last thing I want to do is re-injure my shoulder.

    Hope this helps


  • I recently had a shoulder injury and the physiotherapist had me using resistance bands instead of weights.  

  • thank you for you comment. We  did a general gym orientation today -(cardio , upper and lower body and abs) we did a variety of upper body- with no weights, so she figured out what she can and can't do. She surprised herself. We are going to be a great team. The hot tub and pool felt SO good afterwards!

  • good idea! I forgot about those!!! thanks!

  • Amazing Grace,

    Welcome back to the BFL Challenge! It's great that you are doing the challenge with your friend so you can encourage each other. As others have suggested, your friend should first consult with a doctor before starting any exercise program, especially after surgery. We would also suggest she consult with a personal trainer or physical therapist who can design a workout routine specifically for her needs. Feel free to contact us if either of you need additional tips or advice during your challenge, 1-800-297-9776, M-F, 8:30 am -5:00pm EST.

    -The BFL Team