• My gosh - awesome!  Congratulations.  Did you make this much improvement in just 12 weeks?  What are your secrets?  I am 44, but do not really have weight to lose, but need to tone something terrible.  

  • Truly AMAZED!!!!!!  I just read all 9 pages of your posts (ha!). You look incredible, and I am inspired!  I did BFL last yr. in April & took my after pics. in Jamaica, in June.  I saw results, but not like yours, so I'm doing it again......(into my 4th week this week)!  I am 5'3", 123 lbs., size 2-4, & turned 40 in August......but I want to get some definition/muscles!!  I have been doing zumba 5-6 days a week since Sept. 18th, and have only lost 3 lbs., and really haven't seen any changes, so I have completely been focused these last 3 weeks, on lifting 3-4 times a week, and only doing zumba twice a week for an hour, which I usually burn 500-550 cals.  I only have a myoplex protein drink on the days I lift, and a myoplex protein bar on the days I do cardio.......should probably bump that up, huh??  I think I do pretty good at eating the right foods, but have to admit, my downfall @ night, is ONE glass of red wine.  I splurge on my free day, but don't go crazy.  Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.  Congrats to you!!!!

    Live TODAY like there's no TOMORROW!

  • Lori, I read a sample menu from one of the Body for Life champions. Whe was only taking in about 1000 calories or less a day. This seems really low. When following the BFL prescribed meal plans, It usually comes out to around 1200-1400 for me. What was a sample meal plan like for you and approximately how many calories a day was it? I know BFL says count portions and size, not calories, but I'm curious. Some of the previous winners didn't really follow the plan set forth in the book so I wondered how closely you followed it to get such amazing results.

  • marathonmama,

    I followed the portion control rule implimented by Body-For-Life. Consuming 1,000 calories a day or less is not enought to sustain oneself let along build a lean hard body.

    One's calorie needs are based on their individual height, weight, sex, level of activity etc..

    I recently figured out my personal needs but do not follow it to closely. For myself (5' 2" 113 pounds) I need to consume 1,200 a day if I want to lose weight, 1,500 to sustain myself and 1,700 to gain weight.

    I followed the B.F.L. eating plan but limited my carbohydrate intake towards the end of the challenge in an effort to prepare for the photo-shoot. It is not suggested to limit carbs to strickly. You body needs it.

    Work hard and be your best!



  • Doin it,

    We have very similar stats, I'm 5' 2", I did weigh in the 120 range and I turn 40 in 2 days!!

    It is a good idea to scale back the cardio and concentrate on lifting. I mean lift heavy, lift with purpose, lift with determination and push hard. For example, I work with 20-25 pounds for biceps, 30 pounds for shoulder curls and perform pull-ups and chin-ups frequently. I feel the burn and make every day count. You can do this too! Your body compostion will shift and you will build lean hard muscle. During the time I took my before picture I was performing cardio 3-4 days a week and frankly I looked out of shape. Once I embraced the weights everything changed. Even my sattlebags disappeared!

    You body needs a steady supply of protein everyday. You should consume 123 grams a day (based on your weight) I calculated my protein intake daily. Egg whites were a staple in my diet.

    I used to allow myself a free snack instead of an entire meal. If you want to get lean then you must embrace a clean diet. The last month or so I no longer had free days.

    Work the program and be a warrior in the gym,


  • Wow!! Very motivational and inspiring! One of the best I've seen. Congratulations on your success!  

  • Wow! I was just sitting here wondering about starting the challenge!   You have inspired me to get off the couch.  Thank you soooo much!!

  • WOW Lori!

    Simply an amazing transformation! You've even inspired me to consider the challenge!!! I hope you win. Ron is the best trainer there is. Your transformation reflects that as well as your incredible, intense determination. Be sure to put a good word in here for him; there may be future challenge participants in the area he could motivate/train!

    Best of luck, Karen

  • wow wow u kick ass!! just 12 weeks really? did you have a trainer i just started

  • Thank you Karen! Ron was a real pleasure to work with; professional and dedicated. I hope you start the challenge. You will change in ways you never imagine; mentally and physically.

    Warm Regards,


  • Hi Merediththedestroyer,

    Welcome to Body-For-Life. You will yield fantastic results!! I worked with a wonderful trainer the last seven weeks. I would highly suggest working with someone who can push you hard. Give it all you have and make every workout count.

    I'm rooting for you!


  • Lori,

    I didn't realize that you were an author. I happen to purchase your book and then once I saw your picture on the back cover, I knew you looked familiar. It was you (the BFL champion) your a champion in my book. I loved the book, The 10,000 Children That Hitler Missed". It is quite remarkable that you had the opportunity to interview Holocaust survivors. I will send you a personal message to speak to you more about this.

    Fantastic read!!


  • Great transformation and a HUGE inspiration!! Thank you for posting! I'm only in week 1, but I hope to have some great results in 11 weeks too!!

    I can do this...I will do this.

  • Lori, what products did you use?  Also, can you give me an example of a menu for a day you followed?  I am similar in that I have the narrow shoulders and the wider lower half as you did in your "before" pictures.  You look amazing.  Also, how did you get such a sleek tummy?

  • Hi My2Suns,

    I used Reload by EAS for muscle recovery and it aids in fostering lean body mass and increasing strength. I also drank Myoplex light RTD shakes. Following the program as outlined and working out with alot of intensity naturally decreased overall bodyfat and towards the end of the 12-weeks my abs were flat. You too can develop a lean-hard body. Make sure you hit those "10" in the gym. You should be feeling like you can't quite lift the weight for the last few reps. Dig deep and make it happen and your body will change dramatically.

    You mentioned that you only need to tone up. Please realize that when you are close to your ideal weight it becomes more difficult to change your bodyfat composition. Eat clean and do not falter. You can do this! You asked what is my secret, it's simple Body-For-Life, follow it religiously, live the lifestyle, and you will be victorious in your quest.

    Warm Regards,