C1 Complete with pics!!

  • That is some very impressive results!!!

    Wow, you both look completly different and radiant!

    Awesome job!!!


  • You guys look fantastic! Great job!! jbird...you are glowing!

    And BDMom...great day to start your next challenge...my Birthday!!


  • Well Done!

    you guys look amazing, the transformation is increddible, very motivating.

    Thanks for posting the pics. just helps the rest of us affirm our goals.

  • WOW.....great job to both of you. That is really inspiring!! Keep it up.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Proud of you guys!  Way to go!


  • Guys, great results!!!  do you have body fat numbers etc?  im particularly interested in your mans stats as i need someone as rolemodel and he def seems to be it.  Im on week 6 (almost half way there) and was wondering when he started to see most results?  my love handles just dont seem to be going away!  LOL!  is there an 8 week miracle for men too?  You both look great!  Congratulations!

  • develope- Unfortunately we dont have body fat percentages :(  The last 4 weeks he saw the most change.  Im telling you to just keep going...I thought I was going to give up at week 9 because I wasnt seeing the results I was hoping for and once we finished I knew I changed, but I didnt fully see it until I looked at the before and after pics side by side.  I couldnt talk for a few minutes because I was in shock.  As long as you are pushing yourself hard and sticking with the eating plan you will see results. Another profile you should check is fit4life.  His pics from week 8 to 12 should really show you what can be done!!

  • WOW!!!WOW!!!WOW!!! You both look great! Not just the great body changes but those SMILES say it all! YOu should fee so PROUD! Way to go!

  • i just have to say you two look great!!! congrats

  • You two both look GREAT!!!  I am in my 9th week and Im really starting to see a difference so Im looking forward to my next 3 weeks!  Thank you for sharing your photos!!  You both are an inspiration to all of us!!!

    We will all succeed................together!!

  • Great job you guys!!!  Keep up the hard work

  • You both did a fantastic job!  Congratulations!!!!!

    Susan Berna

    2010 Body-for-LIFE Grand Master Champion

  • Great Job! You both look fabulous!

  • Oops, this isn't me---it's a different person with a similar username.  I'm almost done though so pics soon!  

    Congrats to Jbird and her fiance though-you two do look great!

  • When Bill talks about the transformation from the inside out...I can tell by your faces that it's a workin'...You both look great!