Story of my transformation ...

  • this is inspiring considering this is day one for me. Great job!

  • Great job,,,be proud of your deserve a round of applause!!! I'm doing that right now....keep up the great transformation.....John

  • I like the visualization you think it would work with injuries? Have you had any?

  • I have not had any injuries so I can not speak from experience. I do know that many bodybuilders including Lee Labrada and Arnold Schwarzenegger see it as something very powerful and real. I can personally attest to that. As for injuries, I would choose exercises that are least effected by injury. Lets say if I have a lower back, I would avoid squats and use leg press machine that is easy on the back but still allows me to blast the legs. This way not only am I sparing the injured body part but my visualization is not held back by any fear.    

  • I am also in my last week. I know what it is like to push beyond ones pre-conceived limits. It is so nice to visually see your amazing transformation, but most importaintly you pushed hard internally making every workout count. You are a winner and I thank you for sharing your fantastic transformation!

  • Great work. It sure made a difference. I am sure you feel much more lively as well.