Belly fat

  • I'm six weeks in with very noticeable changes.....started at 5'10" and 219 lbs.   I now weigh 200 lbs. but still have quite a bit of abdominal fat....although I'm down 2-3 inches in waist size.   I've read that it's the last/hardest part to lose.....any suggestions to speed it up ?  

  • highplainsdrifter,

    I wish there was :) actually 12 weeks is pretty fast in my opinion. You are right belly fat is the last to go.

    Abs are made in the kitchen. Eat 100% clean, do your HIIT on an empty stomach and don't eat for 1 hour aftter and hit your 10s, true 10s,  and the fat will melt away.

    My biggest results came in the last week. Stick to the plan by the book for all 12 weeks and you will get the results you seek.

    Congrats on being 6 weeks in!!! Time to kick it up a notch!

    All the best


  • Thanks for the advice.....will stick to the program.  I actually feel great, look much better and want more.   I estimated that I was probably 45-50 lbs. overweight to start.. do you think it will take a second 12 week challenge to finish off the abs ?

  • If you are looking to lose 45-50 pounds, I would say yes to a second challenge!  I think the first challenge, you will see definate weight loss, but the second challenge you will see your body firming up and getting more cut.  Just hit every workout with all you've got and eat as clean as possible.  Orrin knows what he is talking about.  It took him two challenges to get where he is now, and he looks fabulous!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Remember inventory methods from high school accounting? That's about all I do remember, because the acronyms (LIFO and FIFO) struck me as funny. Anyway, I am convinced that the human body has a LIFO (last in, first out) fat accounting system.

    For me, that means belly fat is the first to go. Then bosom, then thighs, and hips will be last.

    For most guys the belly fat comes on first, so it will be the last to go.

    That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Everyone is built so differently, but the stomach and thighs will be the last to go for me also.  I remember doing BFL many years ago and I was getting cut in every area but my stomach.  I was actually getting larger and my clothes were getting tight in the waist.  But what I realized is that my ab muscles were getting stronger and larger, but the fat wasn't burning there yet, but rather on other areas of my body.  I'm convinced that if I would have stuck it out until the end, I would have seen a lean stomach and maybe even muscle definition!

    But hey, you've lost 19 pounds in 6 weeks!  That's tremendous!  And yes, I agree with BDmom, you'll probably need a second challenge.  I'm on C2, but will need a total of four before I'm "done".

    Glad you're feeling great.  Just keep on keepin' on, one day at a time and you'll get to where you want to be.

    "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." - Robert Collier

  • I have been wondering about belly fat too - I have heard there are supplements that can help shift belly fat. Has anyone any recommendations?

  • I have decided not to use any supplements and try to lose the belly fat naturally.  I am going to try to eat perfect and add one day of HIIT cardio on my free day for the next month and see that happens.  

  • It has been said more or less...but you cannot spot reduct fat on your body.  I wish I could too - LOL!

    It is also true that every individual is different in where they store/lose fat.  Saralyn, you are probably not too far off the truth with the accounting analogy...I will have to remember that.

    I persoannally tend to hold onto fat in midsection/belly til the very end.  My upper body in general holds more than my lower body.  I am noticing in my second challenge that I am loosing from my love handles quicker than my upper chest...and the belly being the last hold out.

  • Others with much more experience will chime in I'm sure, but I've read many posts that say that 'free day' is needed as far as not to exercise to let your body heal up some more.   I'm not saying not to do HIIT on your free day, but ask to see if that's really going to 'help'.

  • For me the belly is last to go. Usually first is my thighs then everywhere else. From what I'm hearing is that it the eating I will have to watch.

  • IMHO I wouldn't add another day of cardio!  Your body NEEDS that rest to recover from and intense week of training.  If you do too much cardio it will begin to work against your body and can cause you to lose muscle.  Instead just tap into your inner strength and push with all you got and reach that level 10 every time!!  

    I am a female, but unlike most women I carry ALL my weight in my belly!!  Ugh!  I am now in week 9 and my 6 pack has just revealed itself!!  I didn't think it would happen in C1, but it's there!!  Just eat clean 6 days a week, lift heavy, reach your lvl 10, and on day 7 rest and relax!  

    Hugs ... it will happen have faith in the program and mostly in yourself!!!!

  • Ohhh.. the dreaded belly fat.. for many that is the last place they lose it.

    The truth is, six-pack or flat abs are difficult to get. I've been exercising for 19 years and consider myself in excellent shape. I finally got a six-pack and it took every ounce of dedication.

    Despite what you may think, ab exercises are not the number one thing you need to do for flat abs. In fact, getting flat abs requires hard work, commitment and something else you have no control over: cooperative genes.

    The only way to get flat abs is to lose body fat and you already know what that requires:

    1. Regular cardio exercise

    2. Strength Training for the entire body

    3. Clean eating (a true six-pack cannot be achieved by having free days)

    You must get all three of these (especially your diet) right on a consistent basis in order to even get close to flat abs. You probably have developed well defined abs but it's under a layer of fat, taking that fat off is very difficult because your body wants to store it. Typically there are apple shape or pear shape body types. Depending on your shape, that determines where your body stores fat.

    Make sure you drink plenty of water, keep a journal of all your meals and watch calorie consumption, lastly step up your game in the gym, and work beyond your preconceived level.



  • I honestly do not believe that 1 hour of high intensity cardio is enough in 1 week (after doing this for 17 weeks).  I am hitting 10's for sure with my cardio .  The free day, however, actually sets me back at least two days.....

    I am going to do to the extra cardio session on my free day and eat clean - no more free days. I have the willpower and the energy.  I don't believe that 20 more minutes of cardio will kill me or cause me to lose muscle mass.   I burn approx. 340 calories in one 20 min. workout which equates to 1/10 of a pound or 1.6 ounces of my view, not enough reduce muscle mass.   I am increasing my protein intake and getting off the protein bars also.  

    I have read that bodybuilders will do cardio up to 7 days a week before compettions to get a more "cut" look.  

  • Emily Alvers uses a 30 minute HIIT on her website.  It's interesting, she's breaks it down for what intensity to use per minute, and has example workouts using different cardio machines.  Sorry I don't have the link, but I'm sure it's easy to look up.

    Just an alternative if you wanted to do 3-30min. versus 4-20 min.