Week Six Comparison Shots :) Encouraged.

  • Okay.. I'll admit it. When the scale didn't move I was really bummed for the last couple of weeks. Its been really hard on me. I am a scale addict. So I decided to try on my goal jeans that really didn't pull up past my mid thigh. They comfortably go above my hips (ah.. no buttoning yet) Huh... So I pulled out my camera and tried a couple of before and after. I am really surprised and encouraged. My scale has been moved to the attic and I refuse to weigh myself until after December 6th. Even at the gym. Cold turkey. I'm done.

    Yes I am proud of myself. Here are my swimsuit pictures that I would NEVER wear out in public... this year.

    I promise I'll be smiling in week 12 :) Oh... and I am totally geeked about the shoulders... tiny little muscles are growing in there!


  • You can certainly see the progress!!  Stay the course and keep going.  Don't be afraid to lift heavier and push harder on your cardio.  Nice job!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Good heavens BAY!! You are doing terrific! Seriously!


    Yea you!!

  • Bay,

    Great work! Keep it up! Congrats on tossing the scale. That outdated, progress falsifing, misguiding, overrated peice of equipment belongs in the trash!

    You look great. Keep going!

    Eat cleaner. Lift more.Run further.


  • Bay:  I hope these pictures will motivate you to keep pushing as hard as you can.  You have made great progress in 6 weeks...imagine where you will be in 6 more.  We are funny creatures.  I still don't see myself in the mirror the same as I see myself when I look at my progress photos.  Keep keepin' on....You can do this!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Major progress!  Way to go!


  • AWESOME progress!!!

    Just think what another 6 weeks is going to bring : )

    Great job!


  • Well done on you effort and progress so far. Can't wait to see your week 12 pics.

  • Wow, that is pretty dramatic for only 6 weeks on the program. Congratulations. May I ask, do you do the workouts exactly as prescribed or do you think it's all about the nutrition? I'm asking because I'm a working mother (with a demanding job) and I'm finding it very difficult to find time to work out. I have cleaned up my eating, but I'm wondering if that will be enough. I can only hope for results like yours! :)

  • Great job! Thanks for posting!!!

    Progress pics are really helping me through.  I know this program works, I just don't always realize it when I am shlepping my stuff around or eating cottage cheese (AGAIN!). ;)

    We are on the same schedule I think so I'm right there with ya!

    Woo-hoo!  CongratS!!!!

  • GO Bay GO!!! =) Glad your scale had its own little moving day...you can definitely tell the difference in the pics and I'm sure you feel it so go by that, lady!!

    Keep up the great work!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Thanks all for the kind words!

    I'll be honest... I still don't feel different. I was (and still am) surprised to see ANY difference in the progression pictures. I still have not stepped on a scale. Scouts honor.

    Christine2011: I am a working mom too. The only time I have found is to work out is REALLY early. I get up at 4:40 to get to the gym, back home, ready for work, get one kid off to school and the other kid ready for daycare, husband up. Then I work... The first couple of weeks were ROUGH. But now it's routine. I LOVE mornings, and it's really the only me time I get. I LOVE taking showers at the gym.. no one crying, barging in, yelling, or worried about using all the hot water. :) I am by the book, both diet and exercise. But if doing the "diet" works for you, do it. It's very healthy to follow.

    Junibird... LOL... yea... It's a good thing I love cottage cheese. I eat it about three times a day. I go through three pounds of cottage cheese a week. It's nuts, but I love love love it!!! And I go searching for progress pictures. It definately keeps me motivated. Speaking of... it's about time I eat my cottage cheese and yogurt.

  • Good for you!!!! My last challenge (see my profile)  I weighed myself on day 1 and vowed to not weigh myself until day 84. The scale does not tell you how much muscle or fat you carry. PANTS AND BELTS TELL THE TRUTH. Keep it up.....you are doing great. Don't stop. All the best!!!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • You know, I just started this program this morning, and I love coming across things like this, it really raises your hopes and motivates you. Keep it up!

  • What a great job!!! Very inspiring!! Thanks for sharing!

    We will all succeed................together!!