Week 3 but already seeing a transformation

  • Hi all,

    I just wanted to share how I'm thinking these days. First, full disclosure, this is the third time I'm doing BFL. The first time was a bizillion years ago (in the late 90s, I think). Didn't stick with it and gave the book away. The second time was the Summer of 2009. I did the full twelve weeks, lost 28 lbs, felt great on the surface, but when life got busy, I let it all go again and gained back 24lbs. So, on October 11th, I started the program - hopefully for the last time!

    This time feels different. Before I even started it, I mentally really looked at why I was going to do it. I really looked at how much of an emotional eater I was/am(?), how I'd eat for something to do sometimes and generally how little I cared for myself and that resulted in the excess baggage I'm carrying around my waist (my goal is to take off 25 lbs for now; we'll see how I feel after that).

    What else is different? I dug out the Success Journal which I purchased last summer when I bought the book but never used. I'm doing it every single day and the intro pages to each day with the success stories are really helping me. One in particular comes to mind about being who you want to be -- the new, fit you, and not who you were a.k.a. the overweight, unhealthy self. I think about that every single day now.

    The other thing I'm doing this time around and didn't before was really make ME a priority - and mean it. Getting a good night's sleep is a priority. Making sure I plan my meals is a priority. Getting to the gym is a priority. I do have two jobs but with the second one (freelance) I have flexibility and am able to say "I can only work on this for forty minutes tonight. Then, I have to get to bed." And I get to bed on-time and got some work done. I'm finally realizing nothing is that important that it can't wait 'til tomorrow.

    I'm feeling more of a sense of balance these days - that feels different too. I'm enjoying the process of just "being" for the first time. I'm realizing that having goals is great - I have them, but I'm a little looser with the self-imposed deadlines now. I'm making sure I enjoy every step and I'm "present", really present in the day to day stuff and enjoying the little steps of a project rather than always focusing on the ultimate goal.

    I'm doing that with the BFL program too. The ultimate goal is there, with a deadine, but I'm making sure I'm enjoying today and I'm learning each day about myself in the process -- and making sure I like the person I'm learning about!

    Hope some part of this helps someone else out there.

    Regards to all.


  • MC,

    Thanks for sharing this. I know you can do this!!! You have been here before, you have has success and now you are mentally ready. Really it is the biggest part. I think the main reason people fail to complete the 12 weeks or return quickly to their old habits is they don't have reasons they passionately believe in. I can feel the passion and belief in yourself in your post. You are going to rock this challenge and totally transform your life inside and out!!

    I am so glad to hear you have the success journal. I think everyone should have one. I have two of them filled up now and have just ordered a third. They are an invaluble guide for this journey. They are insirational, motivational and keep you on track. I could go on but I won't. They are awesome and I am glad you have one.

    I am looking forward to hearing about your progress and transformation. Visit the forum often. This is a great place for support, encourangement, ideas and accountability.

    All the best to you