Week 6 - Food, what can I do differently?

  • BFL'rs

    My pictures and description are online -  in a nut shell, I started out at 195lbs, 5;6", BF was measured by submersion and by elec impeadance - within 1% of each other at 28% BF.    I have lost approximately 2 pant sizes from 34's to 32s.  I am at approximately 188 now.  I realize scale weight is misleading - just something to go by.  I would assume an individual can only add so much muscle mass in a month.  Fat is something that can be packed on quick in comparison.  (tell me Im not doing that!)  Here is what I had yesterday.  And am having today.  I am going to try and post pics this weekend.  Any and all comments would be appreciated.

    B'fast  - Myoplex regular mixed with Water.  Glutamin - 5g and creatine - 5g added each morning.

    Mid Morning - Myolplex lite / water, Glutamin-5g

    Lunch - 2 servings of tuna/ "Flat out Flat Bread" Ground whole wheat. 9g protein, 16g carbs, 9g dietary fiber. Lettuce, Salsa. (35 protein 16-20 carbs)

    Mid afternoon - Myoplex lite/water, Glutamin-5g

    Dinner - 8 egg whites, salsa and 2 servings of Green Beans or other veggie. (slice of fake cheese - 45 empty calories)

    mid evening - Cottage cheese/Yogurt

    I have been been successful in drinking about 8-10 16oz bottles of water per day. 

    2 cups of coffee/day

    (Note - I have been eating this clean for the past 2-3 weeks)  I am a creature of habit - I wont get tired of this for 12 weeks and it makes my life much more simple.  I have cheat days for the first 3 weeks.  I am trying to avoid all cheat days from here on out.


    I work out as the BFL program suggests. The only thing I have added is 3 20 minute sessions of Aerobic cardio - med intensity (treadmill at a comfortable 10 minute mile speed.


  • Hi,

    Quickly from what I can see I don't think you are eating enough, especially at dinner...nowhere near enough, not sure if you eat like that every day, I don't see any carbs or fats in there, how about other proteins and carbs...sweet potato's etc...what fats are you eating?  you neede the good fats and load up on the veggies...

    Not sure if you've added the 3 - 20 minute sessions of cardio on top of the 3 already..but follow the BFL cardio which is not just medium intensity, you need to hit your 10's..and that's for a total of 3 times per week.

    Thing is too, this is for the rest of the your life not just 12 weeks so it has to be something you can keep doing so being so restrictive with the food is not a good idea.

    I hit a plateau about 1/2 way through, I started in the 170's and am now 136 and maintaining...when I added more good food the weight came off, I'm never hungry, also I always have a free day or rather some free things...I love my chocolate and ice cream!! and I find it doesn't hinder anything, when I was still losing it actually helped...took me a long time to figure that one out! and it was so hard to not feel guilty about it, but your body really does need that re feed, I think so anyway, just don't go crazy and eat til stuffed....

    I am sure others will have some good advice for you, good luck and hang in there:))

    By the way, I'd get a kick out of getting my BF measured by submersion! :)

  • JamesL,

    We have similar stats so I thought I would share my nutritional experience. I started out at 208 before C1 and after C1 was down to 187. I started C2 at 187 and 17% body fat. After C2 I was 175 and 9% body fat. (there are pics on my profile if you are interested)

    I aimed for 30g-40g of protein and 30g-40g of carbs for each of the 6 daily meals. I also use creatine (I use phosphogen elite, now called push) twice a day, as well as L-Glutamine and HMB 3 times a day.

    Your meals look good to me. In my opinion myoplex lite might not be enough for you. It wouldn't be enough for me anyway. The true test is how you feel. Do you have enough energy? Are you hungry before 3 hours have past. Myoplex original has 27g of carbs which was my absolute minimum carb intake per meal. However if the lite is working don't change a thing.

    I pretty much ate the same thing throughout my whole challenge. Myoplex shakes, cottage cheese and yogurt, chicken/tuna/salmon with wild rice and veggies, plus at least 4L (1 gallon) of water every day. I was more focused on my goals than pleasing my palate. Now that I am in a better place physically I am adding small things to my regular meals to spice it up a bit.

    As for free days I enjoyed mine responsibly. I really think they are important. I usually made a fresh batch of blueberry bran muffins and enjoyed them warm with a butter. I amost alwyas had wings and hot sauce. And I always had some chocolate. I still ate 6 meals a day spaced three hours apart and took all my supplements but I didn't go crazy or binge eat.

    I hope this helps a little. You are definately on the right track.

    All the best with your challenge


  • Snow Dog thanks for responding.

    I have cut back on the carbs.  This was an oversight on my part.   I do have one slice of  whole  wheat flat bread with the dinner meal.  16 carbs,  with 9 grams of protein and 90 calories.

    The only fat I am getting is what ever is in 2000 mg of Fish oil per day.    Is this a mistake?

    I added 3 - 20 minute regular cardio sessions to the list of working out 3 days a week and 3 days a week of the HIIT Cardio.  

    I am not getting hungry and am getting about  1700 - 2000 calories a day.  

  • Thanks Orrin.  I appreciate the feed back.  

    I am going to continue on and keep pushing. I defintely have MUCH MORE energy.  I went to the doctor and my cholesterol has went from approximately 230 down to less than 150.   My blood pressure went from 150/80 to 100/50 (with meds).  I will be reducing those meds very soon!  Which was the big goal for me.  The Doctor is happy - makes me happy I guess.   Perhaps I am trying to achieve those 12 week bodies I have been looking up to (past winners) and feel I am no way hear where they were at 12 weeks.  Perhaps the change will occur quicker than I realize.

  • James,

    Just my two cents...it is recommended (I read it somewhere anyways) that you shouldn't have more than 2 shakes per day if at all possible. And I agree with Orrin, the lite shake isn't enough protein for you. I would go with the regular shake. Also you mentioned something about cutting carbs, try to get the balance in there.

    Congrats on your results! Keep going STRONG!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...