late night binge (again)

  • I've got the problem narrowed down to Weekends, movie night.  I seem to overeat junk food.  Nonstop.  By the way, after losing 80 lbs. since 2007, I have only regained about five, and also, I have stopped "free days" because I don't want the kids eating burgers and fries with me. (long story).

    I think the trigger is the "movie" which opens me to all kinds of reasoning, ("hey, its the weekend").

    IHow does one opt out of the free day, and also maintain without indulging in junk food?  It's a bad habit I cannot seem to break. 

  • I don't think many people opt out of free day.  We kind of need it to keep us in check.  Sounds strange but it works to have it.  That day makes me want to get back on track.  Maybe you need to get rid of the stuff in your house so you don't over do it on Movie nights.  I assume you are doing this at home.  If you are doing this at the movies, take a bar and get water at the movie counter (if you can't bring it in the theater).

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I don't recommend this for everyone, especially if you have trouble with self control, but I "opt out" of free day.  Sweets are what I really crave.  I allow myself a little something a few times a week, as opposed to one day. For example, garlic makes me crave sweets, so I pop in a Werthers candy that I can suck on for 5 minutes.

    Watching tv/movies used to trigger crazy binges for me too.  Maybe its the atmosphere?  It was the worst when I was alone.  First, try staying in the company of other people and ask them to help keep you accountable.  If you are at home (or even at the theater), maybe you could "snack" on carrots/veggies and dip, instead of chips and cookies (hey, sneaking in food is the real reason we carry a purse to the theater, right?).  Or, maybe you just need to retrain your body that it doesnt need food everytime you sit down to watch something.  I make sure I have something the drink to keep my mouth/mind occupied, like ice water or tea.

    Hope that helps!  You can do it!


  • Sweets are what I really crave, too. And it has to be chocolate... so i found some really awesome protein bars. Now I know, you're thinking "a lot of them try to taste decent but none get there"... WRONG! Believe me, I tried a lot of them. But there is one called the "OH YEAH!" bar -- one bite and you can see why. Like a healthy Snickers. (The Chocolate Caramel flavor has my name all over it :) This bar has good numbers, but it's big. So cut it in half for 2 portions - and eat one of them during your movie. I take it to the movies with me every time. And it fits the bill plenty of other times during the week, too! I buy mine at GNC. Took care of the craving during my 1st Challenge -- and still doing the trick in C2!

    Give it a try!


  • Thanks for the advice. Glad to hear your solutions. I appreciate the encouragement.  In a nutshell, I associate movies, good times with food.  It's like letting the food control oneself, instead of the other way around.

  • Thanks.  I am also trying to totally eliminate sugar of any kind.  So on my free day, movie night, you guessed it, I snarf down a whole package of Oreos.  The better the film, the more I seem to consume.   Godfather is 2,900 calorie free for all.  

    Maybe a snickers bar, on the free day, eaten over a 90 minute period, would suffice?  Hey thaks and let me know how you are doing.

  • Thanks for the great advice and encouragement!  I am thinking of re-instating the free day.  I really miss non-plan foods.  

  • I also think it works to have that free day...or better...a free meal...or in my case, cos I crave chocolate it's not so much a free meal as I eat the chocolate I want and last Sunday that was...a McDonald's fudge sundae...omg I love them....3 of their chocolate chip cookies and after dinner I ate some cake and another cookie...some times I have more but am ready Monday to eat right.....I used to feel so guilty doing this or worse, didn't have anything then all week that's all I thought about, for me the free stuff works and believe me I used to inhale chocolate so much before.

    I also tried the chocolate protein bars and thought okay this will do as a free food....yes my thinking was totally off:)   but my feeling is eat the real stuff and enjoy it, I still lost weight by doing it so do not worry, eat what you want but don't over do it, don't stuff yourself.

    Also, I found a recipe on the older BFL page and i swear to you it takes just like cheesecake and I eat it almost every single night when I'm watching TV, you might like it, sounds weird but it is delicious.

    1/2 cup cottage cheese

    1/4 cup vanilla FF yogurt

    1/4 cup grapenuts...(now I use 1/3)

    1 Tablespoon fat free sugar fee Jello cheesecake pudding

    mix the cc and yogurt together, add the cheesecake pudding and mix, mix in the grapenuts, put in fridge...I love it extra cold. Add a few strawberries if you like.

    All the best:)

  • For my free day I try to eat approved foods but just larger portions. If I have something not approved I make sure it is still somewhat healthy and not a trigger food. My ideal free day meal is a Chinese buffet. There are beneficial reason to have a free day. Other than the obvious one that we don't feel we are restricted forever the best reason is to trick our bodies not to go into starvation mode and keep our metabolism up. Yes it is a free day but I view it as a carb and protein loading day. It takes we a few day to get rid of the water retention from the sodium.  We weight is usually back to pre-free day by wednesday.


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  • We all fall off sometime. I did yesterday. But today is a new day and Im getting back on track twice as hard as before. Keep up the work Lifers.

    If you want it bad enough your willing to bleed to get it. I have. I will Continue to do so. Until I have what it is I desire.
  • It took me until about week 3 to stop having cravings and to stop "cheating". I made a post here and everyone is so supportive. I didn't think that I would stop having cravings but I did. FYI: Cravings are created by your MIND! Eventually, being hungry will not feel like a life or death emergency once your blood sugar levels out after being on a diet of good carbs and lean protein for a while.

    Also, writing down my 6 meals the night before really helped. That way I knew exactly what I needed to cook or prepare at meal time so I wouldn't be poking around the refrigerator. BFL soup recipes helped me feel full because of the broth, and I'd also have at least one protein shake made with fruit as a meal. I can now say that I simply enjoy the delicious smell of a pizza baking in the oven as one of life's small pleasures--without actually eating a slice. Crazy huh?

  • I couldn't help but add a little more to this thread.  I think when someone (myself included) has addictive-like behavior with food, they/we tend to think black and white.  I either can eat all of it or none of it.  I know what everyone is saying about free day.  "We need it for ....."  I think that after we can get the food and exercise under control, we need to start dealing with the 'challenge' of 'free' food.  What I mean is that we need to look at sweets, etc as something that is going to be part of life.  Our challenge is to work on, maybe starting with one free meal, and not binging or falling off the wagon, etc.  To really focus on controlling the food and not letting it control us.  I think it's another level of improving our health, and in this case it's our minds.  I know from experience that not conquering this problem will eventually undue every health success we've had.  So, when were someone who has had to loose alot of fat weight and has addictive behaviors, we need to tackle them in bite size pieces.  I at this point, cannot handle an entire free day because I loose it.  Baby steps, one meal at a time.  Maybe for some this is not big deal and can jump back in on Mondays, but for some it's akin to alcoholism (okay so not completely, but you get the analogy).

    But I do like alot of the helpful ideas already listed here.  They are great.  I've got to try the protein bar!  Best wishes, build healthy habits and continure keepin' on!

  • I have a problem with the movies too!  All that eating in front of me!!!  One time, I couldn't focus on the movie because everyone was eating but me!!!  Cre8tiethinkr, I am so going to try that "OH YEAH" bar!  Sounds like a great option for me!  Thank you!

    Farmgate, I get what you are saying.  It does sound like you have done a great job maintaining weight loss though.  Maybe just go to the movies on Free Day.  I try to do that.  I think over time one day a week will not hurt you unless it's leading to more.  Just keep at iT!  You can do it!  I like what WonderWoman makes her want to get back on track!  Like, ok...I enjoyed that junk food but it made me feel sluggish Soooo I can't wait to get up tommorow and eat clean and get back on track.  I think sometimes we need to just move on and not feel so guilty about the junk foods on free day!  I've tried that positive self talk and it helps me.  Good Luck and good job on all that weight loss!

  • Great post Bonwitty!  I was thinking some of those things as well.  I struggle with free or not free every week.  For me, it changes and depends on where my mind is at that time.  I so agree with you that this is more about the mind than anything else!  

    I'm working on changing my mind to change my body.  Sbr2010, I am starting week 12 and I can relate to the fact that the cravings do subside.  Getting Better.  Thank you all for all the ideas and thank you Farmgate for the questions.  It helps all of us.

  • I understand totally. My weakness is Sunday football....all day. But.....I love snacking while going crazy watching the NFL so I just consider that my free day and do it guilt free.

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