My Changes to meet the challenge!!!!!

  • I have been trying to find a way to get out of the "Rut". I have had so many adversities here lately that it has been hard to keep my mind on the "Challenge".  So I have decided to forget about the Job loss and medical problems for now and get on with my Life....I have decided to get more involved with giving than receiving...I know it sounds as though I'm not a giving person and it's not that I'm just going to do it better....I have always given my all to those that needed help and I feel there might be more I can do...I can't do it financially, but I can do it in other ways....I will keep you posted on how it go's...John

  • Glad your going to FINISH! I have started this several times but never have finished. I have four weeks to complete and I WILL FINISH...... actually, I'm plotting for the next challenge :)