2 Weeks In and my new stats!

  • I started September 3, 2010. When I began I weighed 132 lbs. Just two weeks in and I lost 4 lbs. I weigh 128 right now. That is not the only transformation I have seen.

    Before: September 3, 2010

    Hips: 40"

    Chest: 39"

    Waist: 32"

    Leg: 21.5"

    Arm: 11"

    Today September 18th 2010

    Hips: 39.5

    Chest: 36"

    Waist: 28.5"

    Leg: 20"

    Arm: 11.25"

    Yes we measured in the same places. We wrote down what part of the arm we measured etc. I am just so excited I am getting closer to my goal.

  • Giggles,

    Great job! Keep up the good work! Imagine what you will look and feel like after 12 weeks on this path!!

  • hey, great job....i can follow with you since i started on september 3rd as well.  nice to meet you on here and the best of luck to you  <3   im only taking my measurements every month, however, i can feel a change already and it feels great!  i love this way to a healthier life.  i have an autisic child and I am a single mom so this program is possible.  what supplements are you taking?  keep up the good work  :)  rae

  • I am an Army wife, too - it's great to "meet" you!  You are just melting away!  Congratulations!  What an incentive to keep it up and push even harder!  I am in Week 11 and wouldn't trade the last few months for anything.

  • Thank you everyone! I was noticing changes and that is why I did my measurements again. I wanted to see the proof on paper.

    Raetyty- I take the myoplex lite shakes once or twice a day, I take the CLA, I take the reload, I also sometimes eat a zone diet bar when I can't get to a shake.

    KSymolon-Being an Army wife can be hard on the body. That is why I decided to get back in shape. I cannot wait to see myself in 10 weeks.

    Good luck to you all!

  • are you still going? I'd love to know what your stats are now. :)