Thursday Morning leg cramps.....

  • Well this is the third morning in a row I've woke up with leg cramps....I believe it to me working out in the sun all day....I usually take quinine( seltzer water), but was out....So whose open that may have it, you guessed it Wal-mart... So I'm in Wal-mart at 2:30am looking for Seltzer water....I must be nuts right ...well once I got to the car I opened a bottle and took a drink...Ugh!!!! Nasty...But guess what by the time I got back home the where gone....Now what do I do I can't go back to sleep, so I put on my sweats and go down stairs to the gym....This is my morning work out at 3:45am.....

    Being Thursday (and I didn't hit the power ball) I would be doing cardio, but instead I opted to do lower body to try to work out the weak feeling in my legs....

    Quads:     Leg extensions        5sets of 8,10,12,15,12 reps   weight used: 75,85,95,100,120lbs

                      Dumbbell squats     1set of 15reps                           weight used: 55lbs

    Ham's:     Lying leg curls          5sets of 8,10,12,15,12 reps    weight used: 25,30,35,40,45lbs

                      cable curls                1set of 12reps                            weight used: 25lbs

    calves:      Standing calf raises     5 sets of 20,20,20,20,20 reps   weight used:  100, 120,130,140,150lbs

                      Standing dumbbell calf raises    1 set of 20reps            weight used:   55lbs

    Abs:          exercise ball:    3sets of 25reps     weight used  20lb plate on chest....


    I felt better after the work out and feel that I was able to get the kinks out of my legs....It seems ever since I have had my knee replaced and my hip I have had this problem....I'm going to call the doctor today and ask him could this be possible and if not I will just continue to "Do What I Gotta Do"....John

  • I had to read this post when I saw the heading.  A few nights ago, I woke up with the worst cramp in my calf.  I got these occasionally when I was pregnant, but haven't had one since, and it was painful.  It wasn't after a leg workout either.  I think it was Tuesday, after cardio.  It hasn't happened since.  

    Good luck with your dr. appt.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"