Bike Ride!!!

  • I got up this morning and decided to go for that first bike ride since I had my hip surgery....back in February.   I got there at the LSU lakes and had a hard time finding a place to seems they where a lot of people taking advantage of the crisp cool morning and the sun coming up.  I finally got started and was a little nervous about my hip.....once I got started peddling it became old hat and I was on my way.. the view around the lakes was beautiful and their where a lot of young people jogging and riding bikes...I found it a little painful, but with the new seat I purchased at Walmart it seemed to be better than the pointed one...It took a little getting used to at first I kept wanting to slide forward and had to stop several times and get out my bike tool and tighten the seat bracket....I thought the mounting and dismounting would be difficult because of the hip, but every thing went OK!

    I was glad to get out and enjoy the day and feel that the one trip around (5.5miles) the lake in a figure 8 was a great ride...I plan to go again next Sunday and try to complete 11 miles...I know to some this is no big deal, but to me it was a great accomplishment...John

  • Congrats John - your ride sounds beautiful. I can almost smell the clean lake air.

    And darn right it is an accomplishment. High 5 for facing your fear and getting back on that bike.

  • Thanks Legs, I really needed this...I think it will help with my complete healing of my knee and hip replacement...John

  • Legs I would love to have you as a BFL friend...Thanks John

  • :) Body smile here. LOL/