Need some encouragement, please.....

  • Good Saturday to you all:

    I just completed my fourth week of challenge 1.  I haven't missed one workout and my eating has been very good.  As of last week, I had lost 3.5#'s.  I haven't weighed yet this week since I weigh on Sunday mornings.  I feel good, and I feel like I am really getting the program now (it took the first few weeks to get it all down).  I truthfully don't have a lot to lose, which is why I thought I'd see gains sooner than if I had a lot of weight to lose.  I took my four week progress photos today, and there is zero change...nothing looks different from my original photos a month ago.  I made a promise to myself to finish this challenge, and I will, because I don't want to always wonder what would have or could have been.  I really want to go all the way...Just wondering about "your" experience.  Some who have been doing this with me for the four weeks are seeing physical changes already. 

    Thanks so much.  This board and my BFL journal have been my saving grace.


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  •  "I truthfully don't have a lot to lose"....You just answered your question right there. Once you get to close to your target/ideal weight, it is harder to lose! I lost 25# in the first 12wks+2ARwks, then only 13# in C2, I have lost ONE stinking pound since Father's day! But I have toned and that is what I'm sure you are doing. The changes are happening inside first. The toned muscles will come, just be patient and trust the program!!

    You said that others who started with you, have seen better results...they probably have more to lose!

    Hang in there...You are doing GREAT!!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • BD, I began my very first BfL challenge July 5th with a big crew of folks. We're just wrapping up week 10 and we've sadly lost about 75% of our gang. To be honest, I've only lost about 10 LBs and as you mentioned, having a L*O*N*G way to go I expected to be a LOT farther along the trail BUT one thing I've found CRITICAL is keeping up with your measurements, not just the scale!!! I'm very active on (member "roosed") and they have an awesome stats tracker that lets you track your measurements historically. It tracks neck, shoulders, chest, waist, hips, thighs, calves, upper arms & forearms. Obviously you can enter however or as little data as you wish BUT remember that muscle weighs 3X flab by volume so if you shed a thin layer of flab and add only 1/3 of that volume back in muscle the scales stays put and at first the picture doesn't change a lot but you are building a tremendous foundation because every extra shred of lean muscle you add burns that much MORE flab down the road so taking & tracking your measurements is CRITICAL to both your physical progress as well as your mental well being too LOL!!! Good luck and hang in there! It might not be easy but it WILL be worth it!!!

  • BDMOM, Do not get discouraged. Look at the positives. Have you increased on your weight in the workouts, do you have more energy, can you make it through the cardio, are you eating healthy. Any of these are great accomplishments alone. Look back to day number 1 and measure your changes from then. Not only physical changes.  I looked at your profile pics and you do not big numbers to lose. Now you are building the muscle that will fuel the fat burning fire that will come along in the later weeks. Stay the course and you cannot fail. Myself, my major changes are inner changes. I am happier, energetic, confident. That is worth its weight in gold. Without those changes I do not think I could make the workouts as intense and still want more. The changes will come. Sooner for some than others, but we can see too many people who have not seen changes until over halfway through the challenge. Look at the friends you have made along the way in this journey. With this many people pulling for you and supporting you there is no way you can feel discouraged. Keep up the good work and have faith in yourself and the BFL program. Good luck.

  • BDmom. My scale weight has not changed dramatically in over a year. I am down about 10 lbs but have gained muscle. That is obvious. I dont have access to Bodpod's or scales that can prove that, but perhaps you will see what I mean by my pic on my profile.

    Hang in there and like MO said, the less there is to lose, the harder it is to do AND the forums will be even more important to you to carry on. Believe ..... achieve. :)

  • DebMo:  My dear first friend....thanks for replying so quickly.  I swear BFL should be paying some type of commission to you, Champster09, Orrin, Legs; I am sure I am forgetting someone.  You all seem to know what to say, when to sugar-coat it and when to tell it like it is.  You are a shining example of how this program can work, and I have to have faith in it.

    roosed:  Thanks for your encouraging words...our group (Aug 16th) started with 42 subscribers, and we only have..maybe 8-12 who regularly post.  So, I think we lost a lot of people as well. I did do my measurements at the beginning but haven't done them since.  My clothes are not looser..nothing seems to have changed on the outside yet.

    Cuervo:  Yes, I do have to look at the positives.  I am lifting heavier than I ever have in the past, but sometimes wonder if I am lifting heavy enough.  I feel like it at the time, but wonder later if I could have done more.  I feel so blessed to have found this forum; it will be the difference for me, I am sure.

    Legs:  Yes, you do look have done so well, and are always so helpful on this forum.  I hope when you reach maintenance mode, you won't leave have such valuable insight and encouragment for many of us.

    I do want to clarify...It is NOT about the number on the scale.  I am actually shocked I lost 3 1/2 pounds the first three weeks; I didn't expect that at all.  I really don't care if I lose another pound (I am 5'4", 117.5#'s), and am totally fine with that.  What discouraged me was taking the 4-week picture and it looking the same as my original.  I am not quitting!  I have actually stayed totally on plan today with eating and my workout.  I will have a few indulgences tomorrow and then jump in with both feet on Monday.  I think I may have to start evaluating my free days as well and see if I may be being a bit too lax.  It is a learning process...I do know that.

    Thank you all for taking the time to post.

    Have a great Sunday tomorrow.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I had a friend who did this and only lost 6 pounds!  However she was already incredibly fit.  She looked like she had lost about 15 pounds though.  I remember thinking, how can her body get  any better- and better it got.  She got super lean.  Hang in there.


  • BDMom: - make sure you stop by the Coffee Crew....that whey we can track you better. I loose people fast with all these threads...

    ANYWAYS - I am glad you are in for the long haul. There are some fantastic women out there....Emily Alvers is one I really admire...I need to read up on her more...but anyways, she is an exception for sure. There are many of us like Debsy, MO, Champster, me, Dana...we all have become fit - not model fit, but fit none the less. I hope that with our posts we let women realize that the goal does not have to be to be magazine cover girls (as Emily is...) but to be the healthy us we need to be. Dont get me wrong - I would love to have her body, but for now, I am willing to take what I am giving to my body and call it a day.

    You can do this BDMom and do it well. Be "that mom" that believes in herself. Be "that ordinary person" that chooses to be fit.

  • BDMom-

    I just finished my first challenge this weekend!!  Yay!

    The Coffee Crew has been HUGELY INFLUENTIAL in my success.  I just posted my stats there.  Please don't get discouraged.  I was disappointed in my 4 week photos and my 8 week photos were only a little better. It was week 9 that made a big difference for me.  I have lost a total of 9 lbs...not that much really...but I have gained 2.2 lbs of muscle!!  I have lost over 10 inches.  When the trainer took my measurements yesterday he was very surprised and told me that it's really difficult to both gain muscle and lose weight at  the same time.  He said I must be doing something right.  I only have about 15-20 lbs of scale weight to lose total (so maybe 10 more lbs), but I have lost 4.5 inches around just my hips alone!  I think that's pretty amazing and way better than losing scale weight  Keep with it.  I know I got discouraged in weeks 5-8 when literally NOTHING seemed to be happening and I was working SOOO HARD, but it really does work.  Just have faith.  I am starting C2 on Sept 27th.  I look forward to seeing how you progress!  Stop by the Coffee Crew!!


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  • LDPower:  Yes, that is what I am aiming change my body composition.

    Legs:  I will defeinately stop by the coffee crew; I thought that was for the "old-timers' (as in doing the program for awhile).  If anyone is invited, I will be sure to stop by daily for my boost/jolt.  I don't expect to get "model fit."  I am in my 40's, with two children.  But, I do know that I can look better, and I will at the end of this 12 weeks.  I do believe in myself and will do this.  Thank you...thank you...thank you.

    Jen:  Your post is just what I wanted to see.  Your results and timeframe made me feel much better.  I plan to enjoy my free day today (not too indulgent), and then start week 5 stronger than ever.  How did you handle your free days???  

    Thanks to you all.  "MY" success is truly a "GROUP" effort!!!

    God Bless!


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • "First Friend"-get yourself over to the Crew, pronto! lol!! It is a great place for "old-timers" and newbies and anything in between!

    We are just there to help each other as well as get to know each other better!

    btw...what is your real name cause every time I see "BD" I think of behavior disorder...long story of my first year teaching... sorry if that offends anyone! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • BD,

     You were right. You don't have a lot to lose. I was just looking at your before photos.If you've lost 3.5 lbs on the scales, I think that's great given your starting condition. You probably have gained muscle and the scales don't reflect that.Do your clothes fit any different?Do you feel better?Have more energy?Are you living a more healthy lifestyle that will improve your inner health?These are all measurements of your progress.It may look subtle in the pics but it's only been 4 weeks.

  • BDMom,

    I just posted my journey story and I talk about free day.  But my quick answer is that I eat what I want on free day and I enjoy it and don't allow myself to feel guilty.  Maybe my results in 12 weeks would have been "better" if I had only eaten one free meal, but I am in no rush.  I like my results and I am continuing the program, so might as well enjoy the free day as it's designed, right?

    I also relax the "rules" I set up for myself a little.  I'll eat some of the food my son doesn't finish or I'll grab a handful of this or that if the mood moves me when I am in the kitchen. Nothing too drastic.  

    You really start to care less about some junky things you used to have fairly regularly but you learn what you LOVE and miss.  I miss pizza, popcorn, pretzels, ice cream, wine and diet coke.  And if we go out, bread from the basket.  But I am surprised that I don't care at all about cereal, chocolate, bagels(!!) or any cake-like treats that I used to MAJORLY crave.  It's pizza most free days for me. Or Eating-for-Life recipes that have cheese in them.  

    Have a great free day and enjoy it.  Just don't stuff yourself.  I had to make my hubby get rolaids the night of my first free day- that never happened again!  Haha!


    If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten!

    My FOURTH Challenge: May 23-Aug. 14, 2011.  Began First BFL Challenge on June 21, 2010

  • BDMom: the Crew is definately not just for "old-timers". lol. But we are old(ish) and it is just easier to stay connected on one thread for our heads. :) Once you start posting there, we all get a better sense of who you are, and how to be more able to encourage you. Sometimes we get off topic, but for the most part its all about striving for our personal best.

    Im glad you will join in on that thread. Bring your friends too!!

  • Thank you all so much for the encouragement.  I am starting week 5 strong & determined.  I am going to jump on the coffee crew as often as I can and get acquainted with everyone over there.  That is only after I check in with my August 16 buddies first....Have a wonderful day!  You all have been so kind to offer your words of wisdom and advice!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"