BFL Challenge 1 complete 9.5.10!!!

  • Just finished my challenge over Labor Day Weekend -- so pleased to be feeling more energized and fit than I was just 12 short weeks ago! I'm psyched now (fitting into clothes I hadn't worn in a while) and looking forward to fine tuning in my upcoming BFL Challenge 2 :)

    If there are any 50+ women out there wondering if they can really do this -- please check out my profile for before/during/after pics showing my results. My workouts and eating were disciplined for sure, but far from perfect. So don't think you have to be super-human to see results. You can do this, too!

    Best of luck to all out there considering - or in the midst of -- their own Challenge!!

  • Wow, great transformation!!!! There is no way I'm believing you are over 50!!!! Is that what your post said????? Typo maybe????

    Tisha :-) “Running won't kill you, you'll pass out first!"

  • The results speak for themselves- you look great!! I know what you mean about disciplined, but not perfect adherence to this program. I believe that is what is so effective about it; it can be life-changing without becoming drudgery and restrictive (psychologically). I am 2 weeks from the completion of my first challenge- my results will be posted, too. And then it's on to the next phase...

    Congrats on your transformation!

    Power on- BobbyA

  • Hey- way to go! Your changes look great! I know what you are saying about being disciplined but not perfect. I think that is the beauty of the BFL system- it can be forgiving when we are not perfect in our adherence. I am 2 weeks from the end of my first challenge- will post pics then, too. And then on to the next one...


    Power on- BobbyA

  • yes, ma'am -- will be 54 in a little over 6 weeks :)

    (you made my day, btw!)

  • What an awesome transformation! You are an inspiration for over 50 but also us in the over 40! Great job!

  • Congrats of your Success! You made awesome progress.


    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Excellent work! I think you have succeeded in your challenge and what a great feeling that must be!

  • Thanks Jenny007, it does feel good. I am into BFL Challenge 2 now, about to wrap up week 1.

    How 'bout you? Where are you in your Challenge?

  • Great job, what amazing progress.  I think you look wonderful!

  • Thanks CWords!

  • rocked this challenge.  Good luck in challenge 2.  Make sure you take enough time to rest your've earned it.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • congratulations!  you look great!   thanks for sharing :)

  • Thanks for sharing. You look great!  I am so encouraged by your challenge results.  I will be 52 by the end of this challenge.  My shape is similar to yours so I am excited to know I can look forward to great results.  I had no physical activity built into my life except walking. So the weight training is challenging but I am enjoying it.

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  • Thanks for the kids words, all!

    MyFreshStart, yes, you absolutely can expect results. Where are you in your challenge? When you read other posts where people say change was happening even when they weren't sure they could see it -- believe it. It's amazing to me how much you can accomplish in 12 weeks. And the weight training will get easier, in terms of becoming more routine for you. So many health benefits, too -- aside from building muscle, it helps with maintaining bone density, of course.

    Once I reach where I want to be, the real challenge for me will be to stay there. I'll have to scour the forum for tips and hints on maintaining longterm. You know, the "for-Life" part :)