Marks Challenge

  • Today is day 1 of what must be in the 1000's of started but uncompleted challenges, I am really determined to complete this one



    Bodyfat I have 2 readings for this -tanita scale 45%-maximuscle calculator 30.9%-I will track them both

    9.30 meal1-myoplex

    11.30 meal2-lean steak,baked potato,broccoli

    1.30 upperbody workout

    3.00 meal3 myoplex shake

    5.30 meal4-chick peas,chicken,tomato,garlic,onion,healthy spices

    8.30 meal 5 lowfat cottage cheese and lowfat yougurt

    11.30 myoplex shake


    Wish me luck

  • How do you remove old photos and attach new ones?

  • Day 1 complete I got my meals in as stated above and also got a pretty intense upper body workout in, onto day 2

  • Ok these are my before photos, oh how disgusting they look, I dont remember making that stupid grin in the first on either, i dont have anything more recent but I look exactly the same plus im not offically entering the challenge



  • Hey 6pac: You have got some serious muscles in those legs already which is going to help you the next 83 days. I have seen photos of other men that just shrink on a weekly basis. I am sure you will be one of those men by the end of your challenge.

    Keep up the great work, before you know it, BFL will be a habit you will not want to break.

    And if you do have a weak day, for heavens sake call on DebMO and others from the Crew to pick you up and throw you back on track. We're good like that.



    ps: I hope after day 84 you do submit your essay and complete the challenge all the way. It feels incredible to do so. :)

  • Hey Mark!  If you want to remove old photos from your profile you'll need to be in the edit mode.  Just select the photo and hit your delete button. Here's more details on editing your profile:

    Go to your profile, click Edit Profile.  At the top of the block where you begin entering the text to your profile you will see a bunch of icons like you would if you were in Word or another data entry program.  There is an icon that looks like a film strip.  Just to the left of that one is the icon you click to add a photo.  When you move over it with the cursor it will say "add a photo".  (Shared courtesy of SherWand)

    I had a lot of stop and start dates too.  You can do this.  Have the healthy frame of mind instead of the "look" frame of mind and it will all fall in place.  I had to do more than one challenge but it sure did pay off health wise.  Just keep trying until you get it. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • How many calories do you folks think I should be eating , as you can see im a big broad guy, obviously at 6ft tall and  300lbs im very out of shape, but I have big shoulders and a good bit of muscle underneath the fat

  • Day 2

    Got a very intense 20 miute aerobic workout in, it was so intense that I couldnt complete the high point minute at the end, I got to 20 sec's and just had to stop, oh well ill just aim to do better next time

    Meal 1 9.30 myoplex

    Meal 2 12.00 baked potato, salmon, veg

    workout 2.00

    Meal 3 3.00  myoplex

    Meal 4 5.30 Turkey sandwich(wholewheat bread) side salad

    Meal 5 8.30 lowfat  cottage cheese and lowfat yogurt

    Meal 6 11.30 myoplex

    Tough leg workout planned for day 3

  • 6packmission,

    So great to hear you have started!! I am very excited for you!! Your meals look great. You food plan is almost identical to mine. Is it enough for you? Just see how you feel. You will know if you need more food. I tried to lower my food intake and within two days I had zero energy, I couldn't think clearly and I was very irritable. (my wife was none to pleased with my demeanour) needless to say I increased my food intake. It may take some trial and error but it is worthwhile to figure it out.

    Have a good Day 3! Blast your legs!


  • Thanks Orrin

    Its amazing how great you feel after after just 24 hours living the Bodyforlife Program, Its only day 2 and I feel fantastic

  • Day 3

    Im still here folks, gotta a great leg workout in today, leg presses for the quads, lying leg curls for the hams, machine calve raised for the calves and simple floor crunches for the abs, I really do feel my clothes getting looser already, I have T-shirts at home that I would feel too bloated to wear but now after day 3 I can wear them, one thing I have noticed is that im starting to get a little hungrier so those workouts must be having an effect on my metabolism

    meals for the day

    9.30 meal1-myoplex

    11.30 meal2-lean steak,baked potato,broccoli

    1.30 Lower body workout

    3.00 meal3 myoplex shake

    5.30 meal4-chick peas,chicken,tomato,garlic,onion,healthy spices

    8.30 meal 5 lowfat cottage cheese and lowfat yougurt

    11.30 myoplex shake

  • 6packmission,

    Great to hear from you! Sounds like you had a great leg workout. I get hungrier as well, especially after heavy lift days. I eat within a 1/2 hour of my work out and often eat again about 2 hours later and the rest of my meals are spaced again at 3 hours. I really try and listen to my body.

    Keep up the great work!!


  • Day 4

    Still going strong, feel awesome, hard to  describe it, I have a spring in my step and my energy and mental focus have increased

    I got another brutally intense 20 minute aerobic solution in today, I almost fell off the treadmill when I was done, when you do the 20 minute aerobic as Bill describes it in the book theres no way you can add more cardio to it

    todays schedule looked like this

    8.30 myoplex

    11.30 potato,lean steak,broccoli

    1.10 20 minute aerobic solution

    2.00 myoplex

    5.00 chick peas,chicken,veg

    8.00 lowfat cottage cheese and lowfat yogurt

    11.00 myoplex

  • Mark,

    I am glad to hear your energy levels are up and your mental foucs has increased. I know you know what to do and it must feel incredible to be doing it.

    You are so right about the cardio. If you have anything left after 20 minutes you haven't pushed hard enough.  


  • Day 5

    Another great upper body workout today because everyone is familar with the reps and the rest 1 minute in between ill just give the weights I did

    Chest  incline press/flyes(last set) (lbseach hand)35,40,50,55,40,15

    Seated Shouder DB press/side raises(last set)(lbs each hand)20,25,30,35,30

    Seated Cable Row/wide grip pull down(last set)(ibs both hands)50,75,100,125,100,75

    Cable pushdowns/db extension(lbs/both hands)50,60,70,80,70,40

    Bicep curls/hammer curls(lbs each hands)15,20,25,30,25,20

    meals for the day

    9.30 meal1-myoplex

    11.30 meal2-salmon,baked potato,broccoli

    1.30 Lower body workout

    3.00 meal3 myoplex shake

    5.30 meal4-ham sandwich and side salad

    8.30 meal 5 lowfat cottage cheese and lowfat yougurt

    11.30 meal 6 2 scoops of whey and 1 apple

    Freeday tomorow so I will be weighing myself first thing when I get up, ill update ye with my weightloss progress