week 2 question

  • I just finished week one and my work clothes already fit much better.  I have a question though.  I am a little over 6 feet and I weighed in at 280 when I started this challenge.  I am worried I might not be eating enough.  A couple days last week I came home and passed out because I was so tired.  An example of a days meal for me last week is

    meal 1 - greek yogurt and a cliff bar or apple

    meal 2- tuna and whole wheat crackers

    meal 3- myroplex original shake

    meal 4- chicken ***, cantelope, brocolli

    meal 5- myroplex original shake

    meal 6- turkey burger with whole wheat bun and carrots

    Is this enough calories for a man my size or should I be eating more?

  • Hi Waldorfian:

    Not sure what the calories are in Myoplex original shakes... it does sound on the low side for calories maybe for a man of your size.  It sounds like you might be under 2000/day.  

    When I followed my own diet and lost weight a couple years ago, I kept my calories between 1400-2000/day rotating days... while doing heavy cardio.  More than an hour a day, 5-6 days a week at times... and started jogging.  I'm a woman at 5'5" tall.  I tried not going below 1500/day mostly.  

    Since BFL doesn't really count calories, I suggest you go by how you feel.  It's important to eat when you are hungry but just small amounts.  Are you getting enough water in?  Also, weight lifting can make you more tired.  Try eating a little more one day and see if you feel better.

    Good luck!

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  • Maybe throw some eggs in there, and with that 4th meal, maybe replace the fruit with some brown rice or brown rice pasta or sweet potato.  Make sure you are drinking lots of water!

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  • I am not sure about the calorie amounts, but your meals look good.  I can say that until about the third week I was EXHAUSTED all the time!  Just the change and the hard work took some getting used to.  If you are not light headed or hungry, just simply tired, I would keep doing what you are doing and get a little extra rest at night if you can.  And drink your water.  If it persists, a trip to your doctor wouldn't hurt, just to check in.  I think it's a good idea when making this big change to make sure your Dr. is on board with you!

    Hope this helps!  Good luck!

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  • W,

    You've put a huge step change into your system, maybe a little too large....Myoplex original has 300 calories.  Are you drinking 10 glasses of water a day?  You may want to keep it at 2100 cal for a while.  Eat a better breakfast like oatmeal or high fiber cereal with some dried fruit and nuts.  Go back and add up the calories from a couple of your W1 days, and make sure you didn't severely short change yourself.  Also, did you consult you doctor before starting this change?  You may have other health factors causing the blackouts, or a severe drop in blood sugar?


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  • I would not recommend dropping below 2100 calories per day, for a male of your height and weight assuming an average activity level daily you need somewhere in the range of 3000-3100 calories to maintain your current weight. At 2100 net calories a day you are looking at about a 30% reduction, any more of a deficit and your body is likely to enter starvation mode in which case you will retain fat, and your metabolism will slow by slowing down your body's functions (which could be the reason for the low energy level and passing out).

    I am 6 ft and 195 lbs currently and take in around 2400 calories daily so a net of around 2100 when calorie expenditure is taken into account, and still am losing 1-1.5 lbs of fat a week, with either no or very minimal amounts of loss of lean muscle mass. It may seem contradictory but a higher calorie content is going to give you more energy to push yourself harder during workouts and cardio and will ultimately lead to a faster metabolism that burns more calories.

    A sample of my daily meal plan:

    M1: 4 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 3 slices of ham, 1 kiwi, 1 serving CLA, 1 c. of Coffee with 1/4 cup of skim milk

    M2: 3/4 cup uncooked oatmeal with cinammon, 1 orange

    M3: 2 slices of whole wheat bread, 1 can of tuna, 2 hard boiled eggs, 1/2 tbsp. mayo, 1 dill pickle, 1 serving CLA

    M4: (Preworkout) Banana and 1 scoop of N.O. Xplode

          (Postworkout) 2 scoops of whey protein

    M5: 10 oz. basa or 8 oz. pork chop, 1 c. brown rice, 1 c. broccoli, 1/2 c. black beans, 1 serving CLA

    M6: 1 scoop of casein protein, 1 c. of skim milk

    Yes this looks like a whole lot of food but at the end of the day the breakdown is as follows

    Calories  2,400

    Carbs      228  

    Fat           60

    Protein    233

  • hi ztgibbons

    theres no protein portion in meal 2

  • waldorfian

    I have to ask are you feeling hungry on this diet?

    And when you say you passed out, were you just wrecked tired or till you feel faint?

    It could be you are just not used to the intense exercise and are feeling tired as a result,regarding your meals Greek yogurt does not have enough protein, i would try and eat something more natural then a cliff bar, what brand of wheat cracker are u using, ryvitta is good?would you consider some real turkey *** as oposed to the turkey burger?also I dont see any good fats, would you consider eating 3 portions of salmon a week, lastly up your veg, especially your greens

  • Waldorfian, 6packmission & ztgibbons,

    To get some more protein into the oatmal or cereal, use skim or 1% milk, and add 1/4 cup chopped walnuts.  I also add some dried or fresh fruit into mine (raisins, blueberries, cherries, etc.).  It already has some protein, just not a lot.  Use whole grains to get complex carbs.  Also, consider gradually increasing your fiber into the range 25 - 30 g. a day.  It helps you feel fuller, and helps pull out the fat....but increase gradually to let your system adjust..


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Yeah sorry if I wasnt overly specific about my oatmeal it is actually a mix of oatmeal, 3 tbsp ground flaxseed, and crushed almonds with cinnamon. All in all it is sitting at around 25-30g of protein, in addition to being high in fiber, healthy fats, and the added benefit of the metabolic increase that comes with the addition of cinnamon.

  • Sounds great - I really crave that kind of breakfast in the morning.  I forgot to mention, you could add the 100% whey protein as well.....but it looks like you're well covered.

    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Sounds as if you have gotten some good feedback here.  Good luck to you going forward.

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