I did it! Day 84...with pics =)

  • Fantastic results!! Congratulations!!

  • Wow, way to go and thank you for sharing your tranformation with all of us!!

    Can I print and put your picture on my fridge?

    What an inspiration you are!! Great job!!!!

  • I really hope I can be as successful as you.  This is my 2nd challenge (the first I didn't follow the eating program, just tried to eat healthy foods).  This time I have followed it all.  I have 2 weeks left after this week.  I haven't dropped a pound (I have 17 pounds I want to get rid of to reach 120), but some of my clothes are getting loser and my body fat percentage has gone down.  I just hope something really kicks in these last 2 weeks.  Do you have any advice?  Any foods I should change?  Did you still do the free days towards the end?

  • you look great, and i'm going to check out your meal plan and adapt mine :) you are quite an inspiration.

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • You look amazeing! And yes you truly are an inspiration :) I am on my 6th week of BFL and getting a little discouraged, i have not lost any scale weight of BF... i do feel that my clothes are a bit more loose and i can see definition in my arms but my main goal is to drop 15-20lbs... I keep hearing about the 8 week merical for women but i am still discouraged... I have stuck to the program eating 6 proportioned meals a day and i have hit every workout :) I have used my cheat days, nothing crazy over the top but one or two cheat meals... I guess i would like some advice lol, you have done such an amazeing job! Really! Do you have any advice or tips?

    Thanks and again congradulations!

  • Thanks for the PB2 suggestion.  I ordered it on-line.  Got the chocolate flavor.  Good stuff.    ;)


    If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always have

  • ajbidon:  If you take the time to read through this thread, Mica has addressed many, many questions and has offered invaluable advice.  I know she now is doing some bikini competitions and staying busy, but if you take the time to read through all these pages, you will find some helpful info.

    Hang in there.  Mica saw steady changes, but most of her changes were toward the end of her challenge.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Thanks everyone!  

    Highbeams!~ Of course you can ;)

    cjbuggy~ Almost done, how are you feeling about things?!  Make sure you have a plan on what's "next" so this just turn into something you did for 12 weeks.  Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.  When you wrote I was on my way to Las Vegas for a bit to compete at the Olympia.  Been home less than a week and catching up on here (and sleep!--not from what you would think thinking of Vegas though!).   I only skipped my last two free days.  Don't focus on a number (120) is my only advice at this point.  Sometimes it takes more than one challenge to get to where you want to be, but go by how you look and feel + a healthy body fat%.   You're adding muscle so if you've ever been 120 in the past, you may be a bit heavier, but smaller.  Fixating on a number can drive one insane.  No one knows your "number" anyhow. ;)  When I was in high school in 2002, I weighed 118lbs.  When I finished my challenege at 124lbs I was almost 2 clothing sizes smaller, and obviously heavier because of the muscle.  I'd take heavier on the scale, but smaller in size any day!  Measurements too (I used to measure as far back as then & kept the piece of paper that had my measurements so know it's not a tag size inflation thing...real inches).  Good luck to you!

    ajbidon~ Read through the thread and you'll get lots of tips from me like BDMom said.   I went over the top with my free days...maybe that helped me?  It resets the metabolism.  Just stick to it.  Stay off the scale for a bit...the mental side is huge, and if you don't believe it can happen, it WONT!  I felt so happy and liberated to know I was changing myself by staying off the scale most of my first 6 weeks.  Look at my profile on bodyforlife-tracker.com under akmama08 and see the progression pictures.  I really started changing a lot after 8 weeks.  Hang in there, you've come this far, why stop now?  =)

    Laura~ Isn't it nummy!  I went through a ton of it.  Loved it on my protein pancakes/waffles w/ sprinkled cinnimon & SF mrs buttersworth--yummmm!  

    BDMom~ Thanks doll ;)

  • For those interested, I updated a few recent pictures of myself to my profile.  Lost a few more % of bf!

  • Thank you for the inspiration, you look terrific and it reallys shows the program works!   I am in the last couple weeks...I have had good results but have a little ways to go!   Challenge two here I come thanks for keeping all of us motivated!  

  • Thank you for the inspiration, you look terrific and it reallys shows the program works!   I am in the last couple weeks...I have had good results but have a little ways to go!   Challenge two here I come thanks for keeping all of us motivated!  

  • Thank you again for your insparation! You really are such a sucess story! Enjoy your active rest, ill be joining you again after the new year for C2 im not ready to throw the towel in yet!

  • I was looking at the site then I saw your post!  Very inspiring:)  I started right away. I tried BFL 9 years ago and it worked. Now I am doing it again.  This time to get ripped like you, last time I lost the weight.  Now I have gotten soft:(Did you lift extremely heavy to get defined?  

    I am also doing the challenge to really stayed motivated cause I don't have a friend who was a trainer to teach me like before.  I am hoping this forum fills the gap and I can ask questions etc.  You mentioned you had a thread with a couple of girls did you start it on here?  By the way Great pics!

  • hound~ You'll see how much your body will change in the last couple weeks...it'll astonish you!

    aj~ Thanks ;)  Not on active rest...on competition prep right now for 6 weeks, competing in NPC Crystal Cup Nov 20th.  Jsut started workouts yesterday after a 2 weeks complete rest.  Glad to be back in it!  Then will do active rest for all of December (and rest of Nov after comp)...January I'll be back at it again for some serious bulking!

    las~ I lifted as heavy as it took me to reach my 9's & 10s on all the workouts.  Gotta go heavy to hit those.  As Chalean johnson says: GO heavy or GO home!~  You have to lift heavy to change your muscles...and keep increasing your weights if they start to not feel effective (every other workout for me).  The thread was on lowcarbfriends...google it ;)  it's under the muscle matters section (the site isn't only for low carbers...obviously!).  Body for life 2.0 or something like that was our thread.  I'm still there, and so are some others...as well as newbies who are just starting or half way through!  Thanks!

  • That is soooo AMAZING!!!

    You should be very proud!!! So inspiring!