I did it! Day 84...with pics =)

  • OMG! I may print these for inspiration you look fantastic!

  • Forgive me for saying this but you went from a pretty plain looking girl to a goddess in 3 months.

    I am sure you will break a lot of necks and cause a lot of car crashes.  

    Absolutely amazing transformation and you are an inspiration to both women and men alike.

  • Your a ROCKSTAR!!!!!

    Excellent job.

    I am new to this-what were your starting stats-height,weight?

    I saw you said you lost three sizes-what size did you start at?

    A really great job!

  • that is so awesome!!! Thank you for sharing. starting 4/1.

  • Dam! Awesome transformation! Will you marry me? LOL Good work you earned it :)

  • I'm starting BFL this Monday theb26th.......these pics are amazing!!! It gives me hope and something to aspire to...thank you for sharing!!!! :)

  • You are absolutely beautiful! are you still following the challenge program even now. Thank you for posting your pix, you look great and it motivates me to keep going! I start March 26th! way to go!

  • Amazing!!

  • You made an almost unbelievable transformation!  I saw this and I just can't stop thinking "Is this for REAL?".  It is so dramatic that it's hard to BELIEVE it's the same person only 12 weeks apart!!!!  I am in my second week and doing good so far as clean eating and keeping up the workouts.  Thank you so much for the inspiration!  I am hoping by day 84 to look this good.  I can see it's been about 1.5 years ago, have you maintained this?

  • Davs~ Believe me, my photos are all real!  You can check out my profile on bodyforlife-tracker.com under profile: akmama08 to see the picture journey almost week to week....so you see how I progress before your eyes!  Lots of other inspiring people over there too doing BFL!  Keep going.  I am.  Read my profile here too for what I've been up to.  

    WPBill~ Thank you!  My coach has advised me to not focus on competing right now.  We have some things on my physique that need time and tweaking to perfect.  I'm okay with that.  Looking towards the fall instead.  Just enjoying the process as we are always improving, and never an "after"!   BFL friends, sure!

    heyheyjose~ How are you doing now?  Check out my profile on here to see what I've been up to.  I started competing in bikini competitions.  My routine changed some, with same basic principles.

  • Caryl10~ Print away!!!  =)  

    kjlued~ LOL, thank you so much. ;)

    sfhoneybee~ Check out my profile on bodyforlife-tracker.com under user akmama08 for ALL my measurements, stats, etc.  I'm 5'4.5"...and more stats on my profile here.  Thank you!

    jnjgranny67~ Best of wishes to you!  Thanks!

    Damstr8~ Wheres my ring?!  LOL...thanks hun

    RockinRoe~ Good luck on your journey!  Hang on and hold out...results come, but you have to go all the way!

    Perthmom~ THanks!

    Sharshaper~ Thank you!  It's all real. =)  Check out my profile to see what I've been up to.  I've started getting into competing at bodybuilding shows in bikini division.  Like I've said, everyone can get results if you just trust the process...cross that abyss, visualize, persevere & transform!  The body hears everything the mind says.  Stay off the scale, get out the measuring tape, and run with it!  

  • unbelievable!  that is amazing!

  • WoW!  I am on week #2 and I am really enjoying this, but I just got a zap of motivation from your pics.  Congratulations!  The smile on your face says it all. Way to GO!

  • Hi Akmama. Just checking to see if what you're doing now. I have this thread marked as a favorite and I keep looking at your progress photos when I need that extra bit of motivation. I  started my first challenge on April 9 and will finish end of June.  I ad my hubby take my before photos. I really want to show him some amazing after photos.

    Is it ok to bug you with questions along the way? I really want ths journey to be a success.

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