I did it! Day 84...with pics =)


    That is a HUGE transformation..i slowly look at the pics and was like she looks really good before, not bad at all but then as i scrolled down to see the afters my mouth dropped open.  You are a HUGE inspritation to someone who wishes I looked like the before pics LOL...not anymore..im setting my goals higher..you have inspired me beyond words  thank you thank you thank you

  • Greetings to all,   And Thanks AkMama for your inspiration to us all and for keeping up with the BFL Forum even if you didn't get any notices of the postings.  I hope all is going well in your fitness career and that you have won many more well deserved awards. Best wishes and keep in touch with us and as Bill always said...Keep Moving Forward.

  • O     M      G   !!!!!!!!!!!  You look incredible!! I keep doubting that any of this can be done in 84 days. I keep thinking that it must take 3 x 12 week rounds to make this happen. Especially since progress seems to be so slow (Im only towards the end of my 2nd week and of course am like "why am I not ripped yet?!" hahaa)

    I guess this is proof that 84 days can really do soooo much!  I have a renewed sense of motivation and excitement! Thanks so much for sharing. You look gorgeous!

  • You look so good!!! Its inspiring. Seeing your pictures makes feel motivated to keep going, thank you for sharing! I am sure you won the challenge..Thank you!

  • Wow - really encouraging...I'm feeling so desperate. Thank you - and congratulations! You are stunning!

  • I read your stats - and your free day and I burst into tears. Thank you - anychance you would tell us your workout program?

  • jodig89~ Thank you!  Shoot for the stars...ANYTHING is possible!  

    WPBill~ Thank you so much!  I'm currently still training and working hard.. I plan to likely compete in June...if not July this year.  I've been helping other achieve their goals in the meantime!  

    Annakristina~ I too, felt that way in the beginning.  By week three, I hadn't changed much, but FELT amazing.  I knew I didn't want to stop, even if the results were slow.  I had to mentally believe in myself and have the courage to not throw in the towel.  It takes time.  You too can have a mind blowing transformation if you just keep going and let it be your way of life!  Thank you, I'm glad to have renewed your fire!  Remember, YOU are worth it!

    yaeshora~  Thank you for your kind words!  Unfortunately, I wasn't a finalist for 2010.  But I still won in my book!

    Wisewoman~ Thank you!  It REALLY does work, just stick to it and BELIEVE in the program.  Trust it.  Keep going.  Never stop.  It's sad that only 5% actually finish....be in that 5% and you can change your life too!  I would be glad to share my workouts.  I kept a journal...email me: travelwithmica@yahoo.com & be sure to write BFL in the subject.  I took pics of my first couple weeks workouts for a friend.  If you need any guidance further on in your challenge, just let me know.  Glad to help!  I also posted lots of tips throughout this thread (esp in the earlier pages).  


  • Wow! Amazing! Thanks for the pics, so motivating!!

  • Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!! I must know, did you ever day your cheat days? You look like a fitness model now. You should be so proud!

    ~Mommy of 4...getting her body back!~
  • It's supposed to say "did you ever use your cheat days?"

    ~Mommy of 4...getting her body back!~
  • TaniaK71~ You're welcome!  I posted more in my profile & a link at the very bottom to the whole timeline of photos during the challenge which is fun to look at at how things progress.  

    FitAfter4~ Thanks!  Yes, I took ALL of my free days except the last one in week 11 because I had "after" pics coming up.  I didn't want to be holding onto the sodium/sugars that float from that for a couple days.  If you scroll through and read this thread I go into detail on my typical menu & what a cheat day was like for me. =)

  • Wow girl! Good on you. youve inspired me! I always had a slight suspicion that the photos on the site were fiddled with but today u have shown me its poss. I too r an emotional eater and have 2 small kids and find it hard to keep to the programme. Tomorrow i'll start right. R u still keeping at it?

  • Greetings Akmama08,   I am sure you will do well in the competition in June.  Is it a local or a national one then?  I would still like you to consider being a BFL friend with me if that is possible. It would definately be an honor. (like it was the time I got a personal letter from your long ago Governor Jay Hammond when I was stationed at Ft. Greely)

  • WOW!! Congratulations, you look amazing!!


    "Eat clean, train mean, live lean!"

    "Eat clean, train mean, live lean!"

  • What an amazing transformation... you look great! I'm on week two and very excited to keep pushing myself in this journey.

    What are your plans now that you "made it"? Are planning on keep working out the same or would you be changing your routine.