What completing this "Challenge" would mean to me!!!!

  • Like a lot of us here at BFL the joy of being rid of the extra weight that has burdened us for so long would be great, but there are other reasons for me.....let me explain.....After my first BFL Challenge in 2000-2003 I was on top of the world...I was not only lean, but muscular. I felt there was nothing that could stop me...until adversities started to plague my efforts....first the Ulcerative Colitis with the fear of turning into Crohn's... then the Tumor in my left knee and the surgery to remome it , then the same left Knee Replacement in 2008....then Bladder Cancer and most recent my Right Hip Replacement. ....The bone specialist said that the medication ( Prednisone) which was used for the U. C. treatment...was the major cause of the cartridge damage....And now the loss of my job....How much can one man sustain and still be a man.....If it where not for family and friends I would have given up by now and just let what ever happens, happen....but I know I can't.  I have one of the best feelings about this "Challenge" that I did not have before....I feel that with the remarkable tools available here at Body-for-Life I can over come the problems and lick these adversities....If I can prove to myself that by eating right and exercising ( on a limited scale) I can be the "Man I want to be once again". I don't have to win a contest...the only thing I have to do is regain  my Health and Happiness and I will be a "A Winner".  If I can show my Brother and Sister that they don't have to be over weight and that if I can do it they can too....If I can prove to them that age does not matter then maybe they will see it can be done and live a happier and healthier life...I try to tell them we are all that's left...my Father, Mother and two brothers are gone due to health issues caused by not eating right and being over weight.....It is up to me to prove not only to myself, but to everyone around me If I can do it they can too.....This is what this Challenge means to me....To regain what I have lost and to prove that " I Am the man I want to be..Standing Tall and Fearless......for all to see."   John

  • Awesomeness...!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory