My 12 week pictures

  • Way to go Jeff!  That's a great transformation!  Congratulations!

  • Jeff - Excellent Job! Great results!

  • Great job Jeff.  What a transformation!!!

  • Jeff!!  You look incredible!  What an accomplishment.  Hooray for you and your wife.  Way to finish what you started.  Julie (from VA)

  • Jeff, amazing job!! Way to go! I'm am currently in my 4th week (day 30). How did you post the pics here?

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • When you do a post, there is a little film strip looking Icon that say's media when you hover over it.  You just click on that, then it lets you browse for a picture. It works pretty slick.

  • You did an amazing job.  I hope my results are as dramatic.

  • I know it sounds silly- but did you use steroids?!?

    Awesome job!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Ha ha!!   That made me laugh out loud.  I don't look that buff do I?    No, I didn't use any steriods, just a lot of good old fashioned workouts. 

  • Fantastic work Jeff. I am now just seeing the pics! A little slow here....anyways...that back picture is my favorite - so many new muscles popped out. Amazing what the body gives back when we feed it correctly. High 5!

  • Tremendous job, Jeff!!


    Keep it up!!!

  • Fantastic Job Jeff!  You look so much younger! Amazing isn't it!


  • Congrats Jeff, i'm on my first challenge and day 3 starts today.  Definitely are inspiring photos.

  • Jeff: thanks to seeing your amazing back photo, I am trying so hard to do my back excercises today. Leaning over my bench and lifting weights that way. Reverse row? anyways - what did you do for back excersises, or would shoulder work be also helpful to get all that muscle to pop out?

    Not that I want THAT awesome of a back, but dang it, tank tops look that much better with something going on back there. LOL.

  • LEGS C3,

    The biggest thing I probably did for my back, is something that most people don't like to do, and that is pull ups.  At first I could only do about four at a time, but by week ten I was doing about 40 in a workout.  I was also alternating my hand position every week.  At first the pull ups were really hard, but now I can crank them out like nothing.  If you can't do a full pull up, you can use a LAT pull down machine and just keep trying to increase weight.  I hated doing pull ups when I started, but now I love them.