• So here it is a little over a year from the beginning of my first Challenge.  One that went very well and after 2 weeks of active rest I rolled into challenge 2 which I also completed looking and feeling like never before.  I actually had ABS showing!  That was the end of November.  I went through the holiday season very well and started a new challenge in January with the goal of being prepared for my first skiing sessing in 10 years for March.  It went pretty well until I got really sick at the end of February and then a rollover car accident.  Challenge effectively ended but  still did great for my skiing trip.  Then when I got back I really had no plan set up and didn't make one.  I thought I would get back to the gym soon. March went by then April.  Somewhere along the line my eating habits went to hell. Next May went by.  I was beginning to get down on myself and gaining weight.  Well I decided that at the beginning of June I would begin again.  Even went so far as to come on here and say so.  The problem was I didn't really make a plan and I didn't set goals.  So I floundered for the next month.  Sometimes I went to the gym sometimes I didn't.  So here I am the second week of July and I am finally committing to completing my challenge.  Something clicked in me the other day when i say a sign for the local half marathon/full marathon in the fall.  It was actually a goal I had set for myself at the beginning of the year to complete a 10k or half marathon.  So finally I made the committment.  I guess you could say I "Crossed the Abyss".  I started on Monday my first Official day so I am in day two with both workouts completed and eating clean.  I was sadly 198.6lbs from a personal best 171lbs when I was ripped.  I will post other measurements when I have them with me.  I will try to get in here at least 2 times per week to report

    Some of my goals are:

    1.  Reduce body fat back down to 8% or less where it was before

    2.  Complete a 10K or half marathon (as it turns out there is one on the Sunday My last day of this challenge here in my Home town!)

    3.  Hopefully (Changed the hopefull because that work doesn't make a goal very strong) Get my scale weight back to 171 lbs.( I know the scale isn't great but it is an indicator of my progress nonetheless)

    4.  Complete challenge packett and turn in.  Who knows maybe I will win this time.


    5.  I will review the reasons why I backslid and determine what changes are needed going forward to make sure it doesn't happen again by the end of this challenge.

    For reference here is a picture of where I was at the end of challenge 2.  I will post my beginning pictures here when I have access to them here as well.


    I proclaim that I will complete this challenge #4 and finish looking better than ever!


  • Kudos to you! The good news is that it seems to be much easier to return to good shape once we've been in it.

  • I like the way you ended your post: honest, positive and strong. Good for you. Truly the ultimate goal is a new a better you. Congrats on getting back at it.

    All the best with your next challenge. Keep checking in.


  • Travis,

    Glad you crossed that Abyss again! The great thing is, is that you know this program works and you have started up again...I have no doubt that you WILL succeed!! Keep coming on the site for motivation!! The day I finished my second challenge I did my 2nd 5K! So I think your 10K on the last day of your challenge is a sign!! If you haven't done so yet, sign up for it TODAY!!!

    Best wishes for your success!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I can't dissagree with it being a sign.  Last night while at the grocery store I happened to walk by the magazines.  Displayed prominently was runners magazine boasting a new training for 10K's and half marathons.  I thought that is it.  I'm doing it.  


  • Today is day 3.  LBWO was great!  I found out that maybe I didn't lose everything.  I still know how to push through the hard stuff. Eating was clean last night and so far today.


  • Travis--Good to see you back!

    What are the dates for that half marathon?  I might just carry myself across the state to run it!

  • Michelle-Nebraska

        They have your choice a 10K a half marathon or a Full Marathon!  It will be on Sunday September 26th.  More info for you at


  • Congratulations on the results you had last year - I can tell you are totally recommitted again!  I have read on here many times that even after we finish our challenge (or challenges) that we must continue to set goals for ourselves whether they be physical, mental, educational or even spiritual.  Good for you for finding that new goal that has added the spark back into your motivation!  Let us know how you do in the half-marathon!  :o)

  • Welcome back Travis.  In a couple of weeks you will remember why you loved BFL in the first place.

    The one thing I'd like for you to think about over the next 12 weeks is what you will change from your last experiences to your next experiences to keep yourself from going backwards again?  

    I've been there and done that too, but I never thought of it in those terms until this past year.  It's all about keeping our heads on straight when everything else goes crooked.  

    Welcome back my friend!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Michelle-Nebraska it's good to see you too!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Michelle--It's good to be back and see so many familiar faces.  I kind of gave up on BFL website when the GB disappeared.  I'm getting the hang of this.  Keep pushing it!

  • Thanks for stopping by Champster!  That is a great idea.  I will put some thought into that.  By the end of this challenge I will make a determination of what change is needed.  Also I am going to edit my goals on the my first post to include that.


  • So when I have to confess even though I ate clean all day yesterday I cheated a little when I ate a piece of pizza.  I was a little down on myself for it this morning when I got up.  But for some reason a song that I don't even have on my Ipod or even heard in a looooonnnng time poped into my head.  I got curious later and looked up the lyrics.  I know what a freak right.  Anyway the song is Keep Pushin' by REO Speedwagon and here are the lyrics:

    I used to be lonely

    till I learned about livin alone

    I found other things to keep my mind on

    And I'm gettin to know myself

    a little bit better

    Whoa, I keep pushin' on

    Keep pushin' on, yeah

    Goin through all the changes

    I made so many mistakes

    oh yes I did

    Tryin to leave behind the heartaches

    And sometimes I think

    I was a little bit crazy, oh yeah

    Whoa, I keep pushin' on


    Keep pushin', keep pushin', keep pushin', keep pushin' on

    Keep pushin', keep pushin', you know you have got to be so strong

    Keep pushin', keep pushin', well even if you think your strength is gone

    Keep pushin' on

    Well it's comin' together

    I finally feel like a man

    oh yes I do

    I never thought that I'd be where I am

    Oh everyday I wake a little bit higher

    Whoa I keep pushin' on, oh yeah

    Now I know that the song isn't quite about my situation but some of those lyrics really speak to me.  So I have decided that my new mantra for this challenge will be "KEEP PUSHIN' ON". 


  • Hang in there Travis.  It's hard to overcome the obstacle of backsliding because you come to the realization of "Oh crap, I backslid, it's humanly possible that I'm human after all, NOW WHAT?".  That's when you really start soul searching "commitment" to yourself and your goals.  Hang tough buddy and KEEP PUSHIN' ON!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory