Weight Lifting Questions

  • I am on Day 9 and just getting into the routine of the workouts.  Wondering if I need to rotate through all 4 of the excercises for each muscle group, or if I can just choose the ones I like the best and stick with those throughout the 12 weeks?  Any thoughts?  Some of those excercises, I really hate and some of them seem to be difficult for me to feel results.  I'm sure it is because I need to perfect technique, but if there is another one that works and I can feel it, I would rather just stick with that.  Creature of habit, I am.  :) 

    Also, I was told if I want to gain strength and muscle mass (gain weight) I should add an additional serving of carbs to 3 of my meals each day.  True?  I want to make sure I am adding to my muscle mass and not just  "size" so it seemed to me adding protein would make more sense.   I am scrawny, but I'm guessing my body is carrying some fat.  Feels like it anyway.  

    Finally, I'm a little bummed by some of the things I have read on the forum about modifying the free day to just be a free meal.  I want to hear if there are some of you out there who have gone ahead with a gangbuster free day and still achieved exceptional results?  If it isn't possible, then I want to know because the results are important to me, but I was really looking forward to those free days.  Like waking up excited like a kid going to Disneyland.  

    Oh, that reminds me...what is the consensus on hummus?  I love that stuff.  I guess I can add it as my extra carbs...

    I will say after 9 days, I am already seeing results and feeling better at least for half the day.  By 2:00 I'm ready for bed though.  Peace.



  • I would rotate the exercises and focus on mastering the ones you don't like at all because that's where your weaknesses are.   If it's comfortable for you then it's time to change it.   Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

    My take on the additional carbs to gain...if you've spoken with the folks at the EAS 1-800 NUMBER and they've suggested you add the additional carbs to gain mass then you're all set.  If not call them and let them give you the information on the gainers diet.

    In my humble opinion with you being interested in gaining mass, you need to enjoy your free day.  It was built in to the program for a reason. As long as you are making progress there is NO NEED for you to cut back your free day.  It's yours to enjoy.

    Be cautious on the hummus and sub it for one carb serving only because it contains a lot of fat from the tahini.

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  • Michelle-

    Thanks for your response.  And wow...I read your story...what a victory for you and an inspiration to me.