Top 10 Ways to Spot Someone on Body for Life

  • Based on how my life has changed in the last month, and in the spirit of David Letterman's Top 10 lists, here's my


    Top 10 Ways to Spot a Woman on Body for Life:

    1.  She wakes up before the alarm goes off.

    2.  She never walks out the door without a water bottle.

    3.  She uses acronyms like UBWO and HIIT.

    4.  At the gym, she scribbles notes on a clipboard.

    5.  She needs a whole laundry basket for her workout clothes.

    6.  At the grocery store, half of her cart is produce.

    7.  She's the one eating the grilled chicken at the neighborhood pizza joint.

    8.  She's the one drinking water and eating a nutrition bar at the multiplex.

    9.  She can often be found rifling through her closet for smaller clothes.

    10.  She actually looks forward to getting on the scale.

    What's on your list?



  • Here's mine:

    1.  Everyone wants to know...what is up with her?

    2.  She has a skip in her step and a smile on her face!

    3.  She's always eating but getting smaller!?!

    4.  Her alarm is always going off every 2-3 hours (meal time!)

    5.  She walks around with a cooler.

    6.  She makes frequent trips to the ladies room (all that water).

    7.  She's going to bed and getting up at earlier times.

    8.  She walks slow, funny or says OUCH a lot!

    9.  She's always on the computer communicating to "strangers!"

    10.  She can't stop talking about BFL!



    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Sharon, I like your list.  You are such an inspiration!  A lot of those could describe me.  Regarding # 10, my 10-year-old is getting very tired of me always talking about it but I can't help myself sometimes!


  • Donna Lee's top 10

    1.  She seems to have had an improvement in posture.

    2.  She's rarely hungry but her kids might tell you there's no food in the house.

    3.  She seems to prefer wheat bread or other whole grain breads.

    4.  Her kids are always asking when are you going to make home made wheat bread.

    5.  She drinks more water than anyone else you know.

    6.  She frequently asks immediate family members for a back rub. (OK maybe that's just me)

    7.  She'll take a Subway sandwich to a brat sale she has to work at

    8.  Once in a while you'll hear her say free day then look sick after one free meal.

    9.  Her children often ask her "Is this a free day? or "Can you have that?"

    10. She is wearing less make up because she decided when you are hydrated your skin just looks better.

  • Ahem...

    1. HE has odd cravings for myoplex and has grown to like the taste when mixed with water

    2. HE asks the deli clerk to see the nutrition label on the turkey before buying any

    3. HE thinks his new body fortress drink mix shaker is awesome and can't wait to use it again

    4. HE carries his Body for Life success journal every where HE goes, even on Sunday

    5. HE is excited that tomorrow is an upper body day

    6 HE looks for myoplex bars and shakes at every store he goes to,even gas stations .

    7 HE doesn't care what the meat heads in the gym think of HIS workout

    8. HE is wondering if HE should get his chest and back waxed for his after photos

    9. HE really wishes taco bell's chicken soft tacos had fewer carbs and fat

    10 HE loves going to and being encouraged by the awesome community there

  • (Small giggle)  I was wondering about the use of pronouns last night when I wrote my list already.  Glad to see you posted your list.  

  • Gotta love this list!!

    I see myself in some of them, hopefully I'll be seeing myself in all of them shortly:)

  • love this!!! I AM THAT GIRL!!!! Anyone else that girl????? toot your own horn!

    1. He stops in front of the box mirror on the floor (where you buy shoes) so he can flex his calves and admire his progress.
    2. He says "nope, we gotta take 5 flights of stairs because the elevator is broken" even though you just saw someone get out of the elevator. 
    3. He's the one turning on the lights at the gym in the morning because nobody else has been there before him since last night.
    4. He keeps pulling out his iPhone between sets to start the 1-minute timer and log his weight/reps.
    5. He says "nope, they are all for me" when the clerk at Costo each week asks if he is feeding an army with all three dozen eggs.
    6. He keeps mentioning "there is no way I'm eating brown rice sushi… that's what free days are for so you can eat the good stuff!"
    7. He says "oh don't mind me… I'm just having a protein bar" when people on the conference call ask "what's that noise?"
    8. While most people tend to start the blender at 5pm for margaritas… he starts his at 5am for Myoplex shakes.
    9. He says "Sunday is not a day of rest… it is a day of preparation for the week to come!"
    10. When asked what his motivation is he says "to eliminate all of the X's from the my clothing!" 



  • It amazes me how similar humans really are! I acan identify with each and every one of these! It's nice to know that we really are all in this together!

    Today is the day to NOT quit!!!! <3 EARGAL

  • 1.  She lifts in the free weight section with confidence, the guys will even offer to spot.

    2.  She  always brings food to work.

    3.  She thinks sweaty is the new sexy.

    4.  She can and will carry her own kayak up and down the steep slope.

    5.  Her husband says "It's freeday, want blueberry pancakes".

    6.  She has the theme to Rocky on her ipod.

    7.  She parks a football field away from the building, even when it's raining.

    8.  She's always willing to answer "so now what is it that you do?"

    9.  She no longer uses the words can't or old.

    10.  She knows that flyes are the secret to the best b@@b job in town.  

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Brobar, I'm writing your #8,9,and 10 in my success journal, those are awesome !

  • Campster:

    sweaty IS the new sexy, and everyone should have the theme from Rocky on their Ipod.

  • I love this post, very clever!!!

    10. The sink and dishwasher are just littered with Magic Bullet party mugs

    9. Her toilet paper bill has doubled if not tripled (all that water!)

    8. The guy at McD’s has noticed she hasn’t been in lately

    7. Her compost bin can’t keep up with all the egg shells and leafy greens

    6. Her 11 year old knows what Quinoa is and how to pronounce it

    5. She thinks she may have to buy new spandex before the 12 weeks is up because hers is fitting baggy

    4. When her friends call they want to know what she is doing on her “Free Day”

    3. She knows what a “free day non-alcoholic hangover” feels like

    2. She is currently looking for somewhere to store all the cute stainless water bottles

    1. she is the one with the “Baggy Butt” jeans, she doesn’t want to buy new ones because she knows she is going to continue to shrink

  • These are great!  I can't believe how many of these I can relate to.  

    DonnaLee- a lot on your list applies to my life

    Thayerphotos - love your list and of course I meant it for all - I just happen to be female so I used "she"

    Brobar- I can soo relate to #9 on your list

    Champster09 - I have been hearing the theme from Rocky in my head lately...