kat5499 is starting tomorrow 6-28-10 and going to finish what I've started... for a change.

  • Have always been starting things I NEVER finish. Good intentions always thrown to the way side....  But this time "it" won't be different... "I" will be different....

    About 10 years ago and at 5'6" I maxed out my weight at 197lbs. At that point I asked myself whether I should go the extra 3 lbs and hit 200 or stop now...  I decided to stop. I did Atkins, Nutrisystem, Lean Cuisine... all that worked... lost a little here and there... always quitting after awhile and switching to something new... but it all added up.... I got down to 150-155 and stayed there for  the last 3-4 years... but the problem is the fat is still there in the thighs, stomach, arms, butt... and I have no strength.... Lost the weight with the muscle.  So started looking at the 40-30-30 eating and came across BFL and it just made sense.

    Read the BFL book... read the eating for life.... got the BFL Success Journal...  Actually started writing in it... (doesn't just adorn my night stand...) and now tomorrow is the day... the start to MY challenge.

    In the book it also stresses the giving back idea... hence why I'm here writing... I am not a blogger or a sharer of my body issues... But I do know about the giving back idea... (recovering addict since 5-4-99 (my clean date) I worked that program and it changed and saved my life... Now if I work THIS program I am hoping for the same results.

    So to be accountable and to share my strength and hope, I am here in this forum female from CA starting at 157.8lbs, 36.8% body fat and weekly pictures to follow...

    And so tomorrow starting my BFL week 1...

    Kat5499 "If I'd known I was gonna live so long, I would have taken better care of myself" - Leon Eldred

  • Congrats and Welcome to BFL!!! I am glad to read you have the BFL book and the Success Journal. The key to success is planing your meals and workouts the day before. The journal keeps you on track and helps with what I think is the most important aspect of BFL: The Power Mindset.

    Visit the forum daily. There are many helpful and suportive people here.

    Congrats again and best of luck tomorrow.


  • Ok, Day two and going ok. Just took my Before pictures.... now I don't wanna post em.... But we all have to start somewhere right... Hummm... maybe I should wait till I have some progress photos to put up next to it.....

    no... I'm posting them now So they are out there... That way it will be more incentive to show change... right... ok... enough stalling and here goes... Can't have an after if you don't have a before......

    Sigh.... Ok...That was as hard as everyone said it was...

    ok... Enough of all that... ON WITH THE CHALLENGE!!! :)



    Kat5499 "If I'd known I was gonna live so long, I would have taken better care of myself" - Leon Eldred

  • You are going to do just fine!! Congrats on your decision!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory