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  • I really like following along with the tranformations here, so I'm inspired to start my own blog. This gives me a place to process and record what is happening as I go through this challenge. My start date was supposed to be June 14th. My husband and I kept putting off getting the new elliptical out of the box and set up, thinking we'll start next week and so on for about a month. So as soon as we put it together, I started right away, afraid of putting it off another week and then another-haha. 

    So I started on Wednesday, June 16, doing UB and have completed one whole week now.

    Things I learned about myself in the past week:

    -I can lift heavier than I thought on Bench presses and Flyes

    -What I thought were healthy tricep muscles are pretty much 99% fat, as one 5lb dumbbell doing Standing Dmbl Extensions kicked me down hard! Still can't reach back to put my hair up without serious feedback from my muscles. Had to go down to 14oz cans of sweetened condensed milk (all I could find in a pinch)

    -Seated Calf Raises might not work for me as a 35lb dmbl on each knee is not a challenge to my calves and I can barely lift them up to my lap without using both hands (it's comical to see I'm sure)

    -Going 7mph on the elliptical for one minute on level1 makes me absolutely feel like puking-Yeah HIIT!




  • Indeed. Good luck. Keep it up. I know EXACTLY what you mean about feeling like puking. I am an advanced lifter and just started BFL this week. I'm very much used to lifting one body part per day and getting a pump to expand my muscle and gain strength. Now that i'm losing weight i'm trying BFL method. Working ALL the UB is INSANE! In reality, it's a combination of bodybuilding/HIIT/Circuit Training. A pyramid workout system with a superset at the end of each body part. Genius. Good luck. Hopefully we can motivate eachother since we have started around the same time. My wife had a baby a month ago and is doing this with me. She's 150, about 5' 7 " so we'll see. Like I said before, GOOD LUCK! And p.s.--I didn't mean to intrude on your blog. Just excited! :D

  • Jared, it's true about the bodybuilding. When I tell people I'm doing bfl they say "oh you don't need to lose weight". I've found the best response is to tell them it's a bodybuilding program to build muscle and be healthy. Then they're done. You're right though, what's not to get excited about? We will see a transformation right before our eyes if we follow this through.

    I read your profile -  may I say Thank You to you and your family for your service to our country! I'm very grateful for your willingness and commitment to serve in this way : )

    Please feel free to intrude here, we need to be here to motivate each other! My very best wishes to you and your wife over these next several weeks!!

  • Daws,

    7 Mph on the eliptical is my target for level 9  too !

  • Thank you very much! I'm currently in the LA Army National Guard and my wife and I will both be joining the marines in about 6 months. We are preparing for it with BFL! :D

  • Thayerphotos, That's awesome-can you believe we are actually doing this? 7mph is my 10, but knowing it is only for one minute allows my brain to force my body to push past what I think my limit is.

  • It seems I have a breakfast favorite. It is quick to fix, hearty and delicious!

    Egg whites and spinach scramble w/ parmesan, oatmeal with 1tsp real maple syrup and 2tsp skim milk, a cup of coffee  : )

    I heat up the fry pan while I measure out 1/4 C of instant oatmeal, 1/4 C plus 1/8 C water into a bowl. Microwave for 1 minute.

    While that's cooking, spray canola oil in pan and throw a handful of spinach on there.  Stir a little.

    Oatmeal's done-add maple syrup and milk

    Add 1/2 C egg whites to spinach, scramble up for about 30 seconds. Put it in a bowl and top with 1tsp parmesan cheese.  Grab my coffee and dine well  : )  

    Takes less than 5 minutes-That excites me!

  • Confessions of a Cheater

    Looks like any average gym room, innocently enough...

    Inside these four walls, I have practiced self discipline, grueling dedication and resolve, sweat and overcome my mental obstacles. It is a source of my sore muscles and inspiration to keep going. The thing is I'm only in there between 20 minutes to an hour each day. What is outside these walls is just as much of a challenge. My biggest cheat lies just outside that bright white window...          What is it?


    Glorious Alaska Prince Rhubarb!

    Sunday (before I started this challenge) I made a rhubarb crisp for church potluck. The first harvest of our short summer. Every year I wait all 6 months of winter and a couple months of Fall/Spring for this faithful weed that grows itself. I do not water it or feed it. All I do is go out and harvest it when I want-all summer long! It would be a shame to let this go to waste out there.

    So, Wednesday (my first official day of my challenge), husband and I visited a friend recovering from surgery. We brought a crisp for their family. They shared, of course, so we both indulged in this warm delight with a side of vanilla ice cream. Figured we would just skip our Sunday skip day.

    Well Sunday (father's day) came around and we were invited to my parents for dinner. What do I bring? Yep! You know it! It was amazing and of course ice cream again. One cannot fully appreciate a warm crispy tart dessert without either homemade whipping cream or ice cream! it is Thursday, my day off and I have not cheated at all this week. That's one day further than I got last week! That luscious plant is out there calling my name, but you know what? I have made a decision to wait. Just three more days until Free day right?

  • Ooohh....Ouchh....I think it is sinking in as I woke up this morning with a headache and every muscle complaining. For the next 10 weeks, my body will be in a perpetual state of healing? I guess I thought somewhere along the way, that the soreness would go away as I got used to things. But here it is Day 11 and Ughhh! Could it be that I worked til 1am last night and woke up at 7am?

    Well regardless, today I have the luxury of starting slow as I don't work til 4pm today again. So Cardio day...Can I push myself when I feel so awful? You bet I can. This is where I take over and tell my body to step aside. In a nice way, of course, I tell my body it will be okay and to trust me. We can do we go......

    Remember when that 7mph made me almost puke? Today we increased a 1/2mph on all intensity levels. We went 7.5mph for a minute and was not so sick afterward as last week at 7. Recovery after the cardio was even much quicker! Oh....sweet success for today. We are getting stronger, my body and I, we are a team. And yes, I really do talk to myself through these moments of doubt and apprehension. It makes all the difference.

  • "Save it for your free day." That's what I told myself all week when that glorious peanut butter cookie stared at me with it's mini chocolate Reeses candies peeking out here and there. I could be responsible and wait until Sunday. I have fresh baked cookies in front of me all day at work because we're giving them away with every donation to Prostate Cancer Charities through June. MMmmm the smell....I felt so proud of myself every day that I resisted and waited. Sunday, before work I drove 15 miles to the nearest Starbucks for my indulgence....a SF FF Caramel Macciato. Let it cool down a bit, and halfway back, after a few sips I realized.....there was no coffee!!! How does one Starbucks barista forget the coffee????

    Too late to go back, I head for work. Break time comes and I go for that long awaited cookie. Only they didn't bake cookies that day, and there's no more. Not a single PB cookie in the entire building!!! AAAAAggghhhhh! Am I dreaming?? I'm dumbfounded. Today I'm back in the week of responsible choices, and I'm determined to eat right. That is all behind me as I look ahead to my goals and the possibility of an indulgence next Sunday.

  • Made a cajun tuna noodle creation (for two) for dinner last night that turned out quite tasty. And I believe portion balanced as well...I will be making it again : )

    Boiled 3/4 C dry whole wheat elbow macaroni - 10g Protein, 61g Carb

    Sauteed 1tbs chopped green onion, 1/4 C sliced brown mushrooms, 1/4 C chopped red bell pepper

    Add a 5oz can drained albacore tuna - 32g Protein, 0 Carb

    Stirred in an 8oz plain nonfat greek yogurt - 24g Protein, 9g Carb

    Season with 1tbs chopped fresh parsley, 1/2 tsp dried dill, pepper and cajun seasoning to taste.

    Served with a side of zucchini sauteed in 1tsp olive oil.

    Total Protein 66g, Carb 70g (plus whatever the veggies add up to)

    Hmmm. Looks like this could've been for three instead of two. Anyways husband got the larger portion as he is almost twice my size and would require more. Btw he lost 10lbs in the first month while we were on this eating plan, but not working out yet! I'm very proud of him : ) I OTOH have lost 0. Not discouraged though, as I am in this to lean up and not so much for weight loss.



    *Edit* Total Calories 550 (plus veggies) So for three servings, per serving would be: Protein 22g, Carb 24g, Calories 184

  • Thankyou for serving our country and all best wishes to you both.

  • Today starts week 5 for me so here are some stats so far:

                    Day 1:                        Day 28:

    Weight    125lbs                       124lbs

    Body fat  30.05%,37.57lbs     25.4%,31.5lbs

    Waist      30"                              29 1/2"

    It appears I've lost 6 lbs of body fat and gained 5 lbs of muscle mass, although the pictures don't look any different. It would be great if I continue to lose 1.5 lbs of fat each week, but right now I'm feeling a little deflated as there is no outward appearance of the change.

    Here is a summary of my thoughts of these first four weeks:

    Very pleased to be going 8+ mph now for level 10 on the elliptical!

    Tuna, tuna everywhere!!! I'm eating so much tuna, I think I'm getting a hairball. haha.

    After trying greek yogurt, I will never go back to sour cream.

    If I have a day without sore muscles (which is very rare), I feel like I've done something wrong.

    I'm very protective of my sleep now, because I don't want to short change all that muscle repair and growth!

    First time in years, since the sledding accident which left me with a fractured vertebrae, that I've had strength enough in my abs to do a leg lift without abs shaking.

    So over all I must say that this is a mental challenge right now. Because I know so many positive changes are happening in this body. I can feel my strength and health improving, right now I can't go by what I see in the pictures. I will have to trust that I will see the results at the end of this challenge.

  • This is fantastic progress! 6 lbs of fat lost is great. You are doing great and it will show. Don't doubt it! I love the Tuna and hairball comment, LOL! Me too....

  • Week 7 now and some new stats:

                   Day 1:                        Day 28:                         Day 45:

    Weight    125lbs                       124lbs                         122 lbs

    Body fat  30.05%,37.57lbs     25.4%,31.5lbs           22.22,27.11lbs

    Waist      30"                              29 1/2"                         29"

    Classic example of changes happening on the inside before you see them on the outside, because my pictures still don't show the difference. And clothes aren't exactly falling off as some others are describing in their transformations. On the flip side, this makes me realize one can go the opposite direction, gaining body fat and losing muscle, not notice any outward change and think they are still lean and healthy. Until one day they are told they have high blood pressure and need meds, or have strains or sprains due to weak muscles, or some other tell tale signs our bodies give us. Great motivator for me to stay on this track and see this through!