Not Losing Weight, but inches. What's wrong?

  • I am in the middle of week 5. I've lost 2.75 inches from my waist, but my weight has not changed much at all. I am looking at the pictures of people and wondering how they made such a complete transformation in only 12 weeks. I am almost half way through my challenge and am not seeing teh results. I feel like I don;t know what I am doing. I get 5-6 meals in every day and am only eating from teh authorized food list. I alternate the cardio days with weight training days. I drink my water. Sigh. I am not giving up, but I am wondering what I am doing wrong.

    Isaiah 43:18-19

  • nojo99 losing 2.75 inches in your waist in 5 weeks is nothing short of amazing.  To lose 1" in 3 weeks is really good.  First thing I always tell people is to double check everything.  Make sure your portion sizes haven't begun to creep up, are you getting all your water in, are you getting all your meals in, are you getting enough sleep, are you doing extra cardio, have you read the original book from cover to cover.  If you are truly working the program, you WILL transform.  But from what you posted it seems you have already done that, so just know that a lot of changes are happening internally.  Your body is becoming more efficient and your metabolism will be getting faster and faster.  

    On BFL the scale is NOT your friend, remember you are building muscle, so the scale may not drop as fast as you think it should.  Muscle burns more calories, so the more muscle you build the more calories is burned.  The best measuring stick is inches and how your clothes are fitting.  Some women don't see much scale loss until after 8 weeks, I know of one who didn't see major changes until the first few weeks of her second challenge and she lost 23 lbs in very short order.  Go to and look down the right hand side of the screen and you'll see Ladies Success Document as of 3/14.  It has a lot of stories of ladies who saw tremendous changes in the last 4 weeks.  For some they didn't come until the last 2 weeks.  Also go under the Success Stories tab, hit filter by goal and click on Lean and Tone.  On page 5, the top middle, you'll see Suzanne Ihde (?).  She was 2007 champion.  She only lost 3# of scale weight and went from a size 10 to a size 4.  You are doing great!

  • jojo99 one more thing from my own experience.  I have weighed 120 lbs at 5'5" tall and wore a size 6 the was a looser cut.  I have also weighed 130 lbs and wore a size 4 that was a super straight cut skirt.  Given the two--I choose 130 lbs every time. :o)

  • jojo99-I totally agree with Stephanie! Don't worry about the scale...think about how you feel! Are your clothes feeling looser, do you have more energy?

    And yes, definitely get that success document...I first printed it off a couple of yrs ago and I read and reread it all the time!!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Wow! Thanks so much for taking the time to calm my fears. I think I'll leave the scale alone for a bit. Getting on it this morning had too much of a negative impact on me. It hurt becaise I know I've been doing right. Of course, I can always do better. This has been such a great transformation for me. Thsi time last year I pobably ate two pieces of fruit in a week - now I am eating at least 5 servigs of fruit and veggies a day. Baby steps. I thank God for this forum!! Again, thank you and I will check out that website as well. I just needed to know that I was doing it right. Thanks!

    Isaiah 43:18-19

  • And yes, DebbieMO, my energy level has defintely increased and I was able to get into a pair of pants that I haven;t been able to get into in a long time. I still have a pair of pants I canot get into, I think I will try those on once a week in lieu of the scale. Thanks again!!!

    Isaiah 43:18-19

  • It makes total sense what is happening and you shouldn't let it bother you.  Pound for pound muscle takes up way less space than fat does.  If you are building muscle and burning fat (which is what most of us want) you may not see a huge shift on the scale at all.  I know I've read it somewhere but I can't remember what the exact number was... but muscle is so dense, hard and compact... it takes up about a quarter of the space than the equivalent weight in fat.  So if you see inches coming off but not that much of a change in the scale... just revel in the fact that you know you are putting on quality (fat burning) muscle.  At some point you will probably taper off on the amount of muscle you are adding but you will still continue to be burning more and more fat based on the muscle you have added so you will start to see that scale weight number decrease more rapidly.

    But yea... that is why I don't trust or use the scale outside of determining what my lean/fat weight is.  If you had a body composition performed before your challenge started along with your starting weight... and you do the same thing after your challenge is over... you'll get a very clear picture of how much fat weight was lost and how much muscle weight was gained.  

    Almost 3 inches in your waist lost in ONLY 5 weeks is phenomenal!  You are doing great... don't let the scale sway you away from the great progress you are making.    

  • Thanks brobar. I guess my body is in its exchange mode and I am glad to know that I am getting somewhere. It was awesome to see that my waist is shrinking, but somehow I got the idea that the scale would show a good loss as well. I am learning slowly about this way of life. I feel like I have to toss evrything I knew out and start over from scratch. I've tried so many plans - South Beach, Fiber 35, Weight Watchers, Fat Smash, Slim Fast, etc, ans although every last one of them worked, I found that I could not sustain them mentally. I;d get tired of the counting of weighing or hunger. This is the firts plan that is really making me look at how everything is connected, not just watching the food I eat, but the chpices I make, 5 weeks ago, I was making myself exercise. Now starngely enough, I find that it is becoming a part of me. Thanks for taking time to respond.

    Isaiah 43:18-19