Getting Started, What About Staying with It?

  • There is a forum category for those "Getting Started," but what about those of us who have been at it for awhile? I no longer weigh 237 lbs. but 139 lbs. and have maintained this lifestyle for going on five years...and here are some of what my good friend Mike Harris has taught me along the way...these are what have helped me "Stay with it." 

    I have learned it isn't just about 12 weeks, or the perfect pair of jeans, or the class reunion, it's about EVERY SINGLE DAY-FOREVER. 

    I have learned that I am a better wife, mother and teacher because I am a healthy woman. 

    I have learned to think twice, literally, before I put anything in my mouth. 

    I have learned to honor self-promises. 

    I isolate my mistakes and don't let them be an excuse to throw in the towel and give up. 

    I have learned to be open-minded here and let myself learn from others on this site. 

    I take the good advice of others, and choose to ignore others' advice without argument.  

    I don't make excuses anymore about why I've eaten something I shouldn't or missed a workout. 

    I still write down goals for myself-some are daily goals, some weekly, monthly, yearly. I try to do the hardest ones first. 

    I have learned to give of myself to others-and that this benefits not only them, but my soul as well. 

    I have a desire to keep learning about my body, food and how the two work together. 

    I write this today in honor of my good friend Mike Harris who has guided me so much on this journey. 
    I will honor him by continuing on in my Body for LIFE journey...for life!  






    ~To be great is not to be higher than another, but to lift another higher. 

  • Excellent post Amy...  ;o)