Preparing to start June 14th

  • I am starting the challenge on the 14th. I have done the challenge before with amazing results. It was 10 years and 2 children ago. With 3 children I will need all the help, advice and tips I can get. Having done this before I know mind set HAS to be there everyday. I loved the way I looked and felt and need to find that again. The online family was a great tool before and I will use it again. Good luck to all who are going along with me.

  • I have not tried this before but I think the 14th sounds like a good time to start.

  • Hi!

    I started the challenge 6.14, too. And, like you, I did the challenge about 10 years ago -- ended up with about a 10lb weight loss and was pleased with my fitness results.

    All was well and good for about 6 years. Then, at a time when most people my age were getting their kids off to college, I decided to adopt a toddler (as a single parent :) so suddenly my entire focus shifted from me to my daughter. She's flourished since then -- and so have I, about 19 lbs worth!

    So on June 14, 2010  I am 53 years old and 149lbs. Now in week 2, I am thrilled to have shed 4 lbs!

    I understand how challenging it is to work around kids -- I only have one, so I'm sure 3 can be daunting. But my living room becomes my weight room once my daughter goes to bed -- I have a set of adjustable hand weights and a big coffee table that serves as a weight bench (with a pilates mat thrown on top). I do manage to get to the Y and hit the elliptical for my 20 minute aerobic workouts. Do you exercise at home or at a gym?

    I adapt a lot of quick-cook weightwatchers recipes so they conform to the BFL plan. Keeps things tasty/interesting. Though my daughter is often eating something a little different (not too many 5 year olds like salmon :)

    Well, if I can be supportive in any way, let me know. I hope you are experiencing some good success early on!

    Stay the course!