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    This is a link to Dr. John Hussman's site. On this page you will find a wealth of information...I first printed out the "Why BFL Works" pages back in 2001 when I first discovered BFL. I still have those pages and have been reading them to find out all the info I can in order to help myself as well as others.

    One thing that has been coming up quite frequently is..."I just haven't seen the results..." Below is a couple of paragraphs from an article by Dr. Hussman that might explain why the results haven't come just yet. I do however encourage YOU to explore the site and get all the information YOU can in order to become the best YOU possible!!

    You Really Do Change from the Inside Out
    By John P. Hussman, Ph.D.
    All rights reserved and actively enforced.

    Nearly everyone I know who has completed a physique transformation, including some of the EAS Champions, say that the changes take place from the inside out. In other words, what you observe outside is just a reflection of the changes that happen in your attitudes and your whole outlook on life.

    The first step is to make a decision where you know exactly why you want to change. Your fitness goals are nothing without some reason you have for achieving them. Without that reason to keep you determined, you'll swerve off the road at the first Dairy Queen in sight.

    It turns out that the idea of changing from the inside out is literally true as well.

    From the notes I've received from some of you, the most common concern seems to be that your fat loss seems too slow. After starting a serious fitness program including cardiovascular and weight training, nearly everyone feels better and more energetic almost immediately (aside from the perpetual soreness). But even after several weeks, some people do not see a noticeable change in the mirror, so far as fat is concerned. And the scale! You've busted your bottom for weeks, and there's no change! Of course, if you've really been half-hearted about following your program, it's clear why this may happen, but it can also happen when you have honestly been experiencing intensity every day, and have been careful about limiting your portions. I've received messages from people literally in tears at the frustration. Kid, the road to Easy Street runs through the sewer. You gotta get tough (words spoken to me by my favorite teacher, Father Arnold Perham).


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  • Awesomeness!

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  • Deb/Coach - you are fabulous you know that - this was soooooooooooo good!!  Knowledge is power. Appreicate you posting.

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  • love it

  • So pleased you posted this Deb I get this stuff but a lot of people dont and I'm certain give up at 3/4 weeks cos they're not seeing weightloss like they do on Weight Watchers and the like. Lets try and keep this near the top of the boards to encourage people x

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  • Thanks so much for posting this. I just started today, and it was a great reminder to just "do it"...day in, day out. Focus on the actions that I know will give me results, but to be patient. Ahhh...not my best quality, but I'm working on it :-)


  • This is exactly why I've had my roomate take away my scale. I feel AMAZING and don't need that random number generator messing with my mind.

  • Thank you so much DebbieMO!!!!!!!  Great read and great website.  It's been awhile since I've read that info (from others) so it was a refreshing reminder.

    I have my husband hide the scale so that I can only weigh monthly, and that's when I do my measurements as well.  Like Hussman said, there are so many others way to measure our success.

    Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.  Just good stuff!

  • Good idea to put this out there Debbie. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Sharon, Just hope people take the time to read it, or print it off, or visit that site...It has so much information!

    And I believe if a person actively seeks out how to do things themselves, then they can help themselves more.

    It's not that I don't want to help...but sometimes people have to learn to help themselves in order to make this program work for their lives! Know what I mean?!?

    Just wish I would have highlighted some of the key parts before I posted...

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  • Bump for some of the Newbies...a good article!

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  • Thank you for that!  I've been following the program for 5 months, and every now and then I need a reminder of  the big picture!

  • Deb,

    I have turned to the Hussman site frequently over the years-it gives one a very clear understanding of how the body works-especially concerning caloric intake and burning. Just a very valuable site.


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  • Thanks for the post, Im at C1W5D1 and this described me to a T. This will help me from discouraging!

  • Thanks again Debmo,  I was just re-reading this post on my last day of the challenge.  Wow this went alot faster than I thought and I feel like I have had some great results!  Dr Hussman was right  on all counts and this is such a good read weather you are just starting, in the middle or at the end.  To anyone who is new---just lock yourself into the program and keep your eyes on the prize.  I will post my results tomorrow (i hope--I will be out of town and hope to have time)  and if I am brave enough maybe the picts.  Have a wonderful day all and enjoy your free day tomorrow!!  jill