Last week of my 1st challenge, need a lot of help for my next

  • I am so proud of myself that I am finishing up this challenge. In the past I always gave up after giving in to a temptation and saying I will start again tomorrow or next week becasue I failed. well I am sure you know how the story goes...

     I so love this new way of life I will continue this lifestyle forever.

    I am disappointed in my results though, I expected a lot better results, yesterday I put on my bathing to go swimming and my kids called me jiggly... yikes. I only had 10-15lbs to lose so I should be a lot tighter not jiggly.  I followed the program to a T. even when I was sick. I may have undereaten in the begining .the last 4 weeks the scale has not budged and when I look in the mirror I don't see any difference.

    I was soo busy and stressed to find the time to take before pictures or measurements, my husband did not believe that i need to be that particular or obsesssed as he says, his motto is just eat good and excercise when you can, HUH... heck no. so he would not help me with pictures. needless to say I do not have anything to compare other than the way my clothes fit.

    I've heard that stress does play a big part in the progress is that true? if so then I was doomed from the start.

    My abs adi not improve at alll I was stressing so much about not seeing any progess, it turns out that I have a 4cm cyst on my ovary and it's causing problems that I will not post because I do not think anyone wants to read.

    For my next challenge I will start right away, what do you think? I really do not want to take a break unless it well help me.

    Pictures and measurements will be a priority!!!!

    what should I do differently, if anything.

    thinking about posting my after pictures at the end of the week, maybe that will help with advice. I am very small int he upper body area, but finally gettting some shoulders, I am really happy with my shoulders. but my lower body is weird. heavy lifting in out of the question for me due to several neck surgeries and a fracture in the T spine, but i sstill managed to follow the excersice plan.

    this is long, I am sorry, I am just really frustrated.... We have a pool, and the weather here is really hot, I want to go swimming without worrying about alll of my jiggle.

  • i'm not an expert but i'm sure stress can play a role. hopefully w/ your planning and eating clean your stress is reduced. one mistake that i made was that i would get into a routine w/ training and forget to challenge myself a little more each time. my results would plateau. could that be a problem w/ you?

  • Congrats Josephine on completing your challenge!  Can you post your food for 1 day and maybe an example of your workout routine.  It may help people give you some good advice.  The pictures and measurements are huge!!!! They are what kept me motivated and pushed me every workout to do more.  By what you're saying, I'm wondering if you were lifting heavy enough, but it's hard to say.   Were you really pushing to failure and exhaustion or just lifting heavier than usual? Congrats again!

    runninggrl :)

  • thanks, my workout routine is by the book, upper body I am unable to lift to failure due to 2 neck surgeries, and a spine fracture the heaviest weigth I used was 20lbs dumbells for back, and 50 barbell for chest press.

    as for lower body and cardio I went all out.

  • well I'm a pirate not a doctor.

    But I can tell you for sure that stress negatively affects weight loss

    as does lack of sleep.

    So I'd definately make sure I was getting enough sleep each night and I'd work on staying relaxed.  Beyond that if you're not losing you've got to take a closer look at your calorie deficit.

    And FOR SURE get as many starting measurements as possible.  Even if your husband won't help you you may be able to take your before pics in the bathroom mirror and you can definately use a tape measure.

  • Something that helped me, especially if you don't use a lot of meal replacement shakes is to take a multi-vitamin.  Intense exercise can deplete your vitamins.  

    The other thing that can be difficult is figuring out the right amount of food to eat.  You might want to make small adjustments to the amount you eat.  You should evenly space out your meals.  You should be hungry, but not starving when it comes time for your next meal.  I have a tendency to under eat because I would follow the serving sizes that the Eating for Life book had, but I think that was designed for an average sized person.  I, on the other hand, am 6'5".  It makes a difference for me to increase the amount of food I take in.  

    Also, how big were your free days?  I found that it is best to maintain portions still or maybe go a little bigger and just change the type of foods you eat.  An example for me would be to eat pizza, but only have 2-3 slices.  I would be full, but not stuffed.  I would do this and then maybe have a coke or a starbucks at a later time in the day.  For the rest of the day, I would eat healthy and maintain portions.  

  • Josephine,

    I would take a week off.  And by that, I mean still eat healthy and workout.  For your workouts do some steady state cardio and maybe some body weight exercises like push ups and pull ups.  

    Jumping into another challenge with no break in between is not recommended due to it then being 24 straight weeks.  It leads to burn out and to possible injury.  I know from my experience taking that break was hard the first two times, but then I got to where I enjoyed it.  Just because the workouts aren't following BFL doesn't mean they aren't good.

    A challenge also takes a mental toll on a person and to do two in a row would be pretty tough.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Hey Josephine!

    How's it going? Congratulations on finishing your first challenge and on getting ready to do your second one!

    You know, you and I are on the same boat in the sense that we're starting our 2nd challenge and that we won't stop UNTIL we get results we genuinely want.

    I know that taking a week off for me has helped me gain muscle and loss fat.   In fact, I gained more muscle in that week than I did the previous 2 weeks combined!  

    I also didn't workout that rest week, and instead of eating healthy, I had a free week (which was my reward for completing the challenge!)

    On the second challenge, how can you make sure that you go to 10?  If anything, how can you add variety in your workouts to make sure that you're genuinely hitting that 10?

    Dan in Asia


    "Choose to change, and change to choose with!"

  • Hey Dan,

    i don't understand how you gained muscle and lost fast on a rest week without working out???? I am confused.

    I think beofre the next challenge I will continue to work out but differently

  • Hey Josephine!

    I think what happened is that after the program my muscles went into hardcore rebuild mode.  It's like Bill Phillips said:  Our muscles grow when we rest.

    We workout to rip them apart and then when we rest our muscles rebuild intro stronger muscles.

    That's why it's good to rest as well if you care about your body: You will feel better and your muscles will have a chance to recover.

    Definitely mix up the workouts. It'll keep you more interested (making time go by faster) and will help make muscles grow faster (you get to enjoy the 'after' pictures more).

    Good luck!


    "Choose to change, and change to choose with!"