• Complacent: Uncritically satisisfied with oneself or one's achievements.


    I skipped the final workout in my first BFL challenge. I took two weeks "active rest" in which I was not active at all. When C2 came I did cardio once then dropped it. After eating BFL 4 days a week and ending up only doing one UBWO a week I decided to start over. That was four weeks ago and I have not been to the gym for two weeks and just spent 4 days in New Orleans eating all kinds of bad stuff. I have already started over twice. My partner and I keep saying "we will" but when will we be saying "we are"? I jumped on the scale this morning and I am up 14 pounds since the end of my first challenge. I dont want to go up to the new pants size but I dont have the drive in me that got me to start BFL in the first place. This saturday is two years from the day I first joined a gym and I dont have much in me these days. The poor diet has left me drained and the idea of being active again seems so far off and not actually possible. I kept making excuses but really I was complacent and now I am moving backwards. I am heavier than when I started BFL (although some could be muscle) AHHHH.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • OK buddy, get it together.  Glad you came right back here once you recognized the downward spiral syndrome.  Mine took several years after I did BFL years ago, but it did catch up with me.  Sometimes the "high" of a successful challenge lulls us into a false sense of security regarding our weight and fitness.  Remember the only thing that gave you success in the first place was your discipline and knowledge.  You need those forever to keep the results you got in the first place and to get even fitter.

    Do the same things required of your first challenge.

    First things first, sit down now and re-establish goals.  Write them down.

    Take new before pictures.

    Have a talk with your partner about how you both support each other with nutrition and exercise.

    Commit to keeping each other accountable, accept no excuses from yourself.

    The good news from this is that you caught it in time and your brain and body already know how to behave living healthy.  

    Please do this buddy, you are worth the effort and you know how good it feels to be making progess.

    My best wishes for health, happiness and discipline to you.


  • Bryan,

    I am feeling for you, because what you have described is exactly what I fear.  I am afraid that when I reach my "goal weight", that I will get complacent...and let it all slide. But, I think you will get to a point where you will want to get back at it again.  You got awesome results.  I remember your pics from C1.  You will get that feeling back again, and head into it strong.  Maybe you just needed a mental break from the routine?   Do you think it would help to revisit your initial goals?  Maybe that will stoke your desire to get back into it?

    Also, you used to make comments on the guestbook.  You gave great insight and made kind remarks.  Maybe it would help to get on this forum daily and get involved, even if it is just to help others.  I am introverted, but I try to get on and add something of value if I can.  You had an awesome challenge, so you have plenty of knowledge to share!! 

    Wish BFL Mike was here to respond to your thread.





  • JamesK gave awesome advice.  I'd start by writing down those goals again and taking new pictures!

  • Wow, BryanL C2.   Looking at your before and after pics should give you a big ol' kick in the motivation butt!!!!!  You look great!  And you may have been off the wagon for a while but you still look closer to your "after" than to your "before".  You haven't undone everything.  Shake things up a bit.  Try planning more interesting meals and get those workouts out of the way first thing in the morning so you feel nothing but good about yourself all day!  Plan special meals or restaurants for your free days, something you can look forward to.  Study your pics and recall how you felt "Before".  Recall how you felt when you saw the transformation.  You know you've got it in you to do again or you'd never have gotten thru the first challenge.  Just go for it.  Be the you that you really want to be.  Don't let the food win!!!!


  • Bryan!  I was just thinking of you this morning wondering how you were doing?  All I can say is go get it back!  I've been there and done that but I let 6-7 years go by before I even thought about how bad I had gotten and cared enough to put in a real effort.  You want this or you wouldn't have come here to share with us your struggle.  It happens, that's life and what's done is done.  You can still climb back on board and get it back.  You aren't too far gone because you can shed those 14 lbs and get your healthy body back in 12 weeks. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Thanks for all the advice. I made a Person Health/Fitness Contract with my Fiance and we are back in the routine and supporting each other when the other is being lazy. I am down 5 pounds since last Wednesday due to a higher fiber diet. I am excited and being active again motivates me to keep it up. I am going to Colorado for ten days and hopefully I can hike and stay active and pick things back up when I get home.

    Thank you,


    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”


    You have it in you to succeed. I followed you through your challenge. Your transformation was fabulous. I am sorry you have to be one to post "here I am again". That is a huge fear of mine too, and the biggest reason I just keep on going....perfect or not - this plan, this lifestyle eating and excercising - including the AR are so important to continued success. It isnt over after 12 weeks.

    I am glad you have learned that BFL is your comfy happy place. I am glad you are back. I know you will succeed again. You get to.

    I too wish BFLMike were here to give you his "what for" but I am sure you know what he would say.

    Quit the pity party, pick who you want to be - the winner, the whiner or the wooer and getter done.

    One unhappy camper thought I knew it all and why dont I just leave this community (bless him) but I is a daily decision to make BFL choices. Sometimes an hourly decision. I need this community to keep me focused.

    You hit a wall my friend. Big deal - climb over. Isolate it, and come back to the playground. :)

    BTW: if you go to - there are blogs that are so good to read that cover just about any subject. I highly recommend you give yourself sometime to go through a few today to give yourself that mojo back.

  • Thanks for the tough love. It is so easy to do nothing and feel bad about it. I am past the wall and ready to overcome another one obstacle course style if it happens again. Signing a piece of paper and Mike Harris' passing have renewed my commitment to being a healthy active BFL follower. Although I gained back some I am stronger and have something something I didn't have the first time around, the feeling of completing and having success in a personal challenge. BFL's cousin's next round of challenge starts June 21st. I plan to continue BFL while also doing the assignments for If I had not fallen off the horse this would be week 12 of my C2. I am still better off than I was two years ago. Working out in the mornings really gives me extra time and prevents me from blowing off workouts after a long day. On the positive side I have gained 4-5 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks and only put on 2 pounds of fat. Since the end of C1 I am up 3.5lbs muscle and up 6.3bs fat. I am excited about the future and keeping it daily and hourly like you said.

    Thank you Cathy


    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Awwww! Good job mate. That's the spirit. Let me give you a heads up on those challenges. THEY ARE DEEP MAN! and the source of a few of my meltdowns in C2. He he he. But very worth it, and you will only be a better person going through them. High 5. I appreciate a man who looks to better himself not only physically but mentally and spritually. It completes a nice package. I LIKE YOU BRYANL and am glad you are back.

    So - you did the wall and there will be no more of them - whew! practice your hurdle jumping.  There will be bumps and you know it so get ready and we will jump them together. It gets easier and easier - really.

  • BryanL, I love the gut-level honesty of your original post here. I was in that place after the holidays & a whole season of being off the wagon after 2 successful challenges. I'm grateful that you began this thread. All of the replies have been helpful to me this morning. I think I've been flirting with complacency for weeks now & I have to decide what my goal truly is. Is it just to be stronger, healthier, thinner, etc...? Or is it to be in the best shape of my life? I suppose there's no flaw in either one of those goals, but it's clear to me which one is more of a challenge to the comfort zone. It's a funny thing, complacency. I can see in hindsight that the closer I get to that goal of being in the best shape of my life, the more I self-sabotage. What is at the root of that? How do I figure that out? Why do I engage in this behavior? Is there fear somewhere? Maybe has answers to those questions. Maybe someone reading this does. Anyway, thank you BryanL. I'll be watching the boards for your progress, & I hope you & others will help me be accountable for mine too. :o)

  • ChristinaB I have something interesting on that too.  I'll email it to you