BFLMike.. new meaning to Body for Life=Gift of Life

  • Body for Life has a new meaning knowing Mike Harris was an organ donor......the Gift of Life. Sadly, he's no longer with us, ...but imagine the smile on his face as his organs are placed...and transforming the lives of so many more people.


  • That is truly amazing. I work in this field and it always amazes me how families make such an selfless decision in their darkest hours of grief.

    By Mike being a donor he continues his caring and loving legacy by giving life to several people.

    My prayers to his family and his donor families.

  • Sign your donor card.

    10's in exercise and nutrition = 10's in life

  • I am smiling thinking about the fortunate beneficiaries of BFL Mikes healthy, pink/well cared for, youthful organs....thinking about how his kind strong heart & strong healthy lungs are powering someone through Cardio. Who knows, maybe this person is / or will become a HIIT Cardio loving machine! (how muich Mike would smile from heaven seeing a cardio lover....)

    I am smiling because Mike not only talked the talk but he walked the walk -  the perfect example of GIVING  - giving all the way to the finish.