18 year old, seeking advice!

  • Hey guys!

    I just signed up for this, because I feel like I need support! I have recently lost a lot of weight. I took a 'break' week in which I ate whatever I wanted and didn't worry about working out. I just weighed myself and I gained ten pounds, in 8 days. My mom is saying it's water weight. Of course this is a huge set back and really discouraging. Can you guys weigh tell me what you think? Thanks :)

  • Hiya OneDayAtATime77,

    Yep you are going to regain weight if you go back to old habits.  Some of that will be water weight maybe due to taking in more sodium than you did while you were eating better.

    Some of that weight however is because you ate crap for a whole week.  What needs to happen now is that you practice moderation for your favorite foods.  You will always regain the weight if you don't and many people regain even more than when they started.

    Right now you have a chance to not go back to that place by turning it back around right now.  Commit yourself to a LIFETIME of healthy weight by making good food and exercise choices every day.

    Body for Life is great in that a "free day" is built in, the other six days a week are eating clean and exercising.

  • OneDayAtATime77,

    James is totally right. When you get started on the program, you will notice that on on your free day you will put on a little weight- like for me, it's about two pounds, but it goes away within 48 hours after eating clean and exercising (and then more throughout the week...). It is not surprising that you gained over a pound each day for you "free eating" over eight days. Yes, some of if may be salt retaining, but much of it is that old weight gained back.

    Again, to reiterate Jame's point, the beauty of the program is the built-in free day, so you can let loose. When I first started the challenge, that free day was my goal every week, and I have never been more satisfied with any "diet."

    If you can commit to it you will love the results. Good luck!

    "The fruit of life is the joy of discipline"

    -Katiebug       C1 W10 D7

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Body for Life is just that  ... for life.  Now you know why.  Get back on the wagon and this time work on making it more a lifestyle.  Too many people confuse it with a diet.  Diets don't last, lifestyles do.

    10's in exercise and nutrition = 10's in life

  • One day at a time,

    How did you lose the weight?  If you were not doing BFL, then the diet may have caused you to lose muscle mass, which is one of the reasons that when we go off a "diet" our metabolism is slower, and we can gain weight back quickly.  Just get on BFL...eat BFL by the book (follow the original book for best results), and do BFL workouts.  The key is to LIFT HEAVY!!  Build those muscles so you become a fat burning machine!

    But, yes...my bet is that some of the weight is water weight.  Come on, you know your mom is always right...mine is!   Also, congratulations on losing a bunch of weight.  Good job!!