Week 1 Completed: A brief overview

  • Last week was week 1 of my transformation.  Exercise and diet went well with the exception of the weekend; I went to a housewarming party with my wife and ate till my stomach's content.  Whaddya expect when the food's expensive and the drinks were free.  It was my wife's boss' house, a 2 million dollar home on 3 acres in the foothills of Los Angeles.  Anyway, the guy hired a shuttle service to drive partygoers from the entrance at the base of the hills to the entrance of the house at the top of the hill.  Needless to say, it was a pretty fancy event and I took full advantage.

    I tried to make up for it with a gnarly Sunday morning workout that consisted of  an intense back, midsection, and arm session followed by a 6.5 mile run.  Yesterday's workout consisted of a heavy leg and chest routine followed by a 9 mile run.  I'm pretty wiped out today.  My focus will be on stretching and unloading yesterday's muscles to facilitate recovery.

    Anyway, I'm hoping for a more productive week.  I've set a goal to take my weight down 177 by this coming Sunday, and 175 by next Sunday.  Wish me luck.

    Good luck to everyone and all the best for your fitness endeavors,


  • Dave-

    Good luck! Sounds like some party!! I think I would have  ate them out of house and home!

    Way to keep on going! Good job with the intense workouts!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Thanks Stacy!  It's Wednesday and I'm still paying the price!

    All the best,