Professional Pics?

  • So I have 2 weeks left.  Started at a size 8 and am now a solid Size 2.  I squeezed myself into a size 0 pants and buttoned them, but am not quite there yet to actually wear them.  I have lost inches everywhere and have great muscle tone on my upper body - hoping for a last minute miracle on my lower body (although it is still an amazing improvement).  Not sure if I should spend the money on professional pics or not?  What do people think, is it worth it?  I do still have 2 weeks left and I plan on working every minute of them!

    runninggrl :)

  • The question is, is it worth it to you.  If you are seriously entering the challenge and you want the best photo possible then you have to decide if you want professional or home photos.  I've seen good photos either way.

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  • I got professional photos done and thought it was worth it. It kept me focused in the last couple of weeks, knowing I was going to invest a little in capturing the final results. And it was a great confidence boost/reward to go in there and feel like a model for a little while. I am having my pictures framed, so I can hang them in my home gym as a reminder of what I have done, what I can do and, how this hard work really pays off.

    Congratulations on fitting into those size 2 and 0s! Keep going, you are almost there!!

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  • I haven't seen size 2 since FOURTH GRADE! So, CONGRATS!

    Today is the day to NOT quit!!!! <3 EARGAL

  • I highly recommend that no matter which you choose to do that you begin to practice posing now.  By the time you are ready to take the final pics, you'll be at least some what comfortable with the pose you want to use.  I've seen great pics done at home.  If you choose to go professional, try and find someone with experience with fitness related photos.  

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  • I plan on taking my own photos and photoshopping my face onto Champster's body....oh wait I'm a guy, that would be so wrong.

  • If you aren't breaking the bank, try to get professional pics. At home pics are fine, and many people have won using them, but I just felt it was less stressful that trying to use a self timer or having my hubby take them. I found a photographer a couple weeks before the end of my challenge and met with him to make sure he understood what I surprises on the last day! He didn't specialize in fitness, but I printed out some of my favorite winning BFL photos and took them to him so that he could see what I was going for.  I actually had my make-up professionally done as well. My hair salon at the time had make-up services where the $45 fee went towards buying products anyways, so really the make-up application was free. Lots of places do this, so might be worth checking out if you really want the best pics possible. Again, take pics to show what you want if you do this! doubt you will be fitting in those size 0's in 2 weeks! You've got this in the bag if you are already in 2's! Keep going and eat super clean these last two weeks! Post your pics here when you're done....would love to see your transformation!

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  • Em, thanks for the tip of bringing the sample pics. My sister-in-law is a professional photographer and she has offered to take my C2 Challenge pics. Three more weeks, can't wait!! =)

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  • Michelle,

    After reading your story, I am encouraged to keep doing the challenge. Wow, you had amazing results.


  • Thanks so much for the advice everyone!  I'm going to get the professional pics (with sample photos in hand, thanks for the tip) and enjoying my last hours of Challenge 1 by treating myself!  I somehow dropped another 4 pounds last week, so the size 0 may be attainable after all.  I'm so excited... I can see the finish line and I'm crossing it in beautiful makeup and a a bikini!    Champster - I've been posing so much in the mirror that I've caught my toddlers doing it too. :)  I need more practice though, because slight changes in the pose really change the appearance of muscles.  In the home stretch - sprinting the whole way!  Thanks again for the support and advice and good luck on those nearing the end of this Challenge.

    runninggrl :)