Day 84. Final pics taken tonight.

  • My 2010 spring challenge is done. I stepped on the scale March 1 and weighed 205 lbs. I vowed I would not step back on the scale until my challenge was done. Well...yesterday was my final workout and before I left the gym  I hopped on the scale and weighed in at 186 lbs. I didn't really have a "weight goal" but more of a "look" goal. I've come very close to achieving that. I still think I can have more sharpness in my midsection but overall I am pleased with the results. I will for sure continue the program after a small break. Thanks to so many of you for many words of advice and encouragement. All the best to HeatherC and Mike and Angie who have also reached day 84. Hope your final pics turn out great. I'll post mine as soon as I can.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"


    You rocked your challenge with each day, each workout, each meal.

    Enjoy your AR! And have fun with those pictures. :)

  • CONGRATS!!!!   That's awesome!  Can't wait to see your pics!