Skinny guys yeah! I am 6 foot, was 149lbs when i started, now coming up on week 11 here currently weigh in at 165. It has been operation gain mass from the start of the program for me. Ive been sinning a bit i guess on the food plan, not in a sense that im eating fast food, but just eating A LOT of healthy food and at the right time increments as well... were talking 4 to 5 thousand cals a day here. When i started the program i decided to quit smokeless tobacco which i had been doing for 5 years (since highscool). It hasnt been hard to deal with, i think cuz of the excercise, but im sure it adds to the appetite a bit. I currently dont show any signs of being fat, but good muscle definition..not great. The 16 pounds of scale weight has gone somewhere. Anyways, I only got 2 weeks left and i need 180 from mainly muscle to reach my goal, which i dont know if i can reach. Im open to any advice on the portion intake, dont know if it would acually be better to stick to the portions that the plan has laid out, or take in more, or stfu and keep doing what im doing. The workouts have been going smoothly and have turned into something that i look forward to doing, im sure anyone on here past week 5 or so can attest to that.


It would be sweet to hear from 2001 champ Joel Marion, who's starting out point was much like my own. But any hardgainers out there speak up! Tell me what you've been doing.