lack of energy to do workouts

  • I am doing what the book says. watching portions, subbing a shake or myoplex bar for a meal when needed....

    I am not "low-carbing". getting about 20 per meal, watching fat, drinking on ly water or unsweetened ice tea no diet beverages or milk or anything like that....

    I am waking up exhausted and I can barely get through my weight workouts let alone push it....I had a long time close friend mock me for doing this program saying everything was photo shopped and I was deluding myself if I thought I could change so much in such a short time...I have dropped this "friend" and am extremely determined now to finish!


    I would appreciate any input...


    I supplement with CLA and Glutamine taken 3 times daily....

  • Just hang in there and keep doing what you are.  I found the first several weeks I was extremely tired as well.  Just remember the changes you are forcing your body to make.  The tiredness should go away after a few weeks.  Make sure you are getting all 6 meals in and all your water as well.  I know sometimes I find that hard but you need it as hard as you are pushing your body.  I hope this helps.

    What week are you on?

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  • What week are you in?   I found that around week 8 I had a total lack of energy.  I was struggling to stay awake at work even.  I was not eating enough.  When I calculated out what I was eating I was taking in only around 1100-1200 calories.  It was just not enough to support the level of activity I was doing.   Write out a meal plan and calculate calories.   I know they say you don't have to but I was starving and didn't even realize it.  Once I upped my calories by about 300 a day it was amazing how quickly the energy came back.

  • Hey Alexandra, someone posted on women and having no energy earlier this week--it had to do with women who are on a vigorous exercise regimen  not getting enough iron.  It was a good post, and I started upping my iron as of yesterday.  maybe that will help,  

  • ok, going to go to work and ask the boss about a good supplemental iron...

  • hello Heather,

    I'm C2, W3 D5

    unlike other women I am red meat fan...I think the Anemia thing would be a massive surprise...pretty sure I am not..never have been.

    I don't like meal plans. I was a Dietetics student in college and I ALWAYS hated that! Reinforces diet mentality.  I have 4 thin daughters and refuse to have them get into the "diet mindset" that's why they see mommy getting fit and eating right, not just "dieting. I just keep track in my phone.

    All I have had this morning was a Myoplex lite PB and chocolate bar just so I had enough energy to get through the workout. Think that's like 160, I'll have a Myoplex carb sense shake here soon and that's like 130 ( I don't use milk) then I will eat lunch about 1. It'll be protein and probably big plate of salad greens, maybe a starch but as I admitted to James I have huge wedding to go to next weekend where I will have little control over what's available to eat for 3 days...sure I will rebuild the Glycogen stores then

    I know this may sound dumb, but I thought our body was supposed to be converting for the caloric deficit and release energy out of the fat cells and spare the protein in the least that's what I remember from physics!

  • Alexandrea, I doubt you learned that in physics, biology maybe?  Anyway, what you say at the end of your post is true, that the body will release energy out of fat cells and spare the protein in the muscle, but that's assuming that you are actually eating enough to avoid the body shutting clear down in order to spare itself from death!  That's why anorexics are always cold and lethargic, because they eat so little that they are in a war with their body--they are trying to die, and the body is trying to live, and so the anorexic looks like living death! Believe me, I'm not trying to be funny here--my younger sis died of anorexia effects. Anyway, it does sound like you are consciously undereating, and while you might be able to spare muscle, it doesn't mean you're going to feel good while you're doing it! In fact, you'll feel just like you do now, without any energy at all. Get some good low glycemic carbs in your diet, along with reasonable amounts of protein and you'll come right back energywise.

  • @ TheOnlyAlexandra - Tell your friend that said the BFL pics are photoshopped that they're wrong. It IS completely possible to have a complete body transformation in 3 months. But if you'll notice, especially on a lot of the men's pics, look at their before pic closely. A big majority of them already had a pretty nice muscle base built, it was just covered with layers of fat. And I'm living proof that in 3 months time, you can drop some serious fat % if you stick to the program. I'm at the end of my Week 12 and have dropped over 12% fat. I started at 24% and am now right at 11%. I can even see 4 of my 6-pack now! haha!  So when you see a lot of the BFL before and after pics, just realize that once they dropped the fat off, the muscle base they had already built, and whatever additional muscle built during the 12 weeks of BFL, shines through.  Results also vary depending on the person. Some people drop fat easier than others. Some people build muscle faster than others. The main point is, I believe ANYONE who sticks to the program for 12 weeks WILL see dramatic changes by the end.


  • TOA,

    Ironically your friend mocking you could turn out to be the best motivator you'll ever need.  I would love to stand  beside YOU in front of your friend today and prove to her that my pictures are not photo shopped.

    You will always find someone to question what you are doing.  You can allow them to create doubt where none should be or you can do your program as written.  

    And also, you will be amazed at what solutions you can come up with while at the wedding for 3 days, so don't consider that a wash.

    As to your low energy.  Absolutely your body will burn fat for fuel and it will make you awfully irritable and tired in the process.  However, you will want to incorparate complex carbs in the meal right after your workout to replace your glycogen for the next workout.   Also eat a ton of veggies as well.

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  • the iron supplements will take a while to kick in, make you start by having some red meat and spinach. that's what I did and boy do i feel better. we tend to avoid red meat and just focus on poultry and seafood but forget that our bodies still need the iron from red meat. legumes are a good source.

  • Mike, you are correct, I was talking to my daughter at the same time I was writing and we reviewing her courses for next year!

    Physics was the last thing she said and I typed it!

    I DID mean biology...

  • Thank you Michelle and Josephine!