Transformation concern

  • I'm really worried I won't look anything like the "after" pics. Sure, I've tightened up some, but not really enough for a noticeable change. I'm in the middle of my 9th week and am wondering why I am 3 pounds heavier than when I started and haven't lost an sizes. I guess I'm just blowing off some steam, but I'm feeling really frustrated right now and a bit down.  I do my workouts every night, within the hourly range (1 hr. after eating for weights, 3 for aerobics). I drink 80-100 oz of water a day, and don't go totally hog wild on my free days. What is going on??

    I take my 9 week pics this week and am thinking I shouldn't because I'll be too disappointed to even look at them. Has anyone had this problem?

    Stacy Lynn

  • Stacy!!!! At 8 wks for me I was still wearing a size 16, wk 10 and up is when I really started seeing the changes...It will come, you just gotta be patient and BELIEVE!!!! you've come this far, don't give up now!! Keep hitting it hard!!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • have you been taking your measurements?  in my first challenge, i only lost 13 pounds and 1 size in pants.  however, i lost just over 18 inches (from 6 measuring sites), so i knew SOMETHING was happening!  

    i'm in week 5 of challenge 2 and continue to lose (slowly) both pounds and inches.  i'm hoping by week 12, i'll have dropped another size.  i'm convinced everyone responds differently to this program-at different rates-but change will come!  

  • Hi Stacy,

    I'm also on week 9 and right there with you. Only lost 3 pounds. An inch here and there. Still wearing the same size. I too am getting really down, because I'm working out so hard and following the meal plan just like you. It does seem far fetched that all of a sudden in the next few weeks I'm going to look like the after pics. This is testing my faith for sure.  I'm not giving up just will be so disappointed if this doesn't work for me.

  • Right, Jacksonoxfan-

    I took my pictures last night and saw NO change. I have been doing a wkout video instead of running and think that may be a culprit- but I have been doing harder crunches and lifting heavier weights and eating correctly, so I don't think it could have made that much difference! I'm SO DISAPPOINTED!!

    I cried last night after I took the pics with my hubby and he says he hasn't noticed any change at all- he is very sweet, but also very honest.  

    What do I do?

    Are some people just not made to work with this program??

    Stacy Lynn

  • Stacy, This program can work for ANYONE!!  Maybe your cardio is the culprit...I seriously doubt (I may be wrong cause I don't know what it is, but...) that your workout video is a High Intensity Interval Training as prescribed in the book...Does the video after doing it for 20 min make you want to puke or pass out? If not, I say get back to the running and start burning that fat off the right way!

    My first challenge, my major changes didn't really come til wk 9 and later. Stick with this, "You have to want to change more than you want to stay the same!"

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Stacy: BFL works if YOU DO THE WORK that is laid out in the book. "I have been doing a wkout video instead of running and think that may be a culprit".....there's your answer. Doesnt sound like HIIT to me. There is a reason for doing HIIT. You could have been doing the video for fun instead.

    "Are some people just not made to work with this program??" - Come on sista! Take an honest look at what you are putting into the program before blaming BFL for not giving you results.

    Keep going, head in the game the way it is to be played.

  • Thanks everyone- I think these last 3 weeks I'm going to:

    - cut out starchy carbs for my last 3 meals,

    -stick strictly to my running- no more wkout videos (yes- they make me sweat, but are nothing compared to the running I did last night).

    -Take pics every week

    Side note--- I just started "woman time" today- could this have made for bad pictures (bloating)?

    (Sorry- guys who read this)

    Stacy Lynn

  • Stacy,  I'm in C1Wk8 and I have seen change...but I am convinced that everyone's body is different and will change on your individual schedule.  In my case, it has taken me UNTIL NOW to understand the real benefit of HIIT.  My gym offers all kinds of classes so I started taking some of their cardio stuff in place of my regular was great, but I honestly don't sweat like I do on my HIIT treadmill.  I liked them, so that is something to be saved for my maintenance phase....which looks like will be after I finish C2.  The thing about HIIT is intense forces you to focus with weights on the moves and your muscles...with cardio on the pure intensity of pushing yourself to a 10 if you can.

    That's my take...good luck!

    Tammy - Atlanta

    You Get What You Give -'... if you feel your dream is dying...hold on've got the music in only get what you give.'  (New Radicals)

  • Stacy, Im C1W11, my buddy has done this thing right with me the entire time and his goal, opposite of mine, was to lose weight. He's gone from 225 to 195 and there's still 2 weeks to go. His diet had not even changed that drastically from when he first went on the plan and he has lifted weights since highschool....anyways where im going with this is the treadmill of course, the concept of hitting the high points and increasing the distance every time was the key to melting away. combined with the rest of the stuff the program makes you do. After seeing what he's done (i think he's lost to much for being 6'2'') im convinced that weights/diet/and cardio on the treadmill is a foolproof weight loss plan. Hope that helps..

  • I am in the same boat. You actually made me feel more comforted to not quit. Went bathing suit shopping and was so frustrated. I am trying my best to finish too. Hang in there

  • STACY!!! I was just about to post the same thing! Granted I'm only starting week 5 but after losing 6 pounds the first three weeks, somehow I've gained them all back in week 4. So hear I am feeling like everything I've work for is in vain. BUT! you (and I) have to know that no matter what, we can't deny that eating healthier and working out is a better way of life. With or without change. You can't just stop. Even if you don't lose anything, its still extremely important that you maintain this healthier lifestyle. The physical changes will come, but know that you are a healthier/stronger person now than 9 weeks ago.

  • yay! thanks shan, this made me feel good too. I'm SO glad I logged onto the site today! I'm gonna keep pushing foward!!!!!