please help, starting w#8 and struggling

  • I have no idea waht happened!!! I have done amazing on this challenge I am so proud of myself for not giving in to temptation and sticking to the plan even through a nasty flu, virtigo, extremely stressful work weeks with hadrdly any sleep and I still managed to stick to the plan. my body is changing in a very good way. but then this weekend happened, I have been so ravenous that I just want eat, eat and eat. I made some bad choices this weekend not too extreme, just little nibbles here and there. the worst was the frozen yogurt and champagne. still stayed on track with exercise, even on free day.

    I am so scared that I am unable to control my willpower, I feel so weak and vulnerable to temptation. the worst part is the scale this morning, it showed a 9 lb gain in 11/2 weeks, i was so scared and shocked that I jumped off. this is at the gym maybe it's broken, how can I gain that much weight? I am having some problem with regularity also. I don't understand, ther is no way I could have gained that much muscle or be retaining that much water?

    I am still following the plan., awsome gym sessions every morning at 4 am... I am thinking of increasing my portions a little in hopes of staying full longer, I am getting really hungry every 2 hours.

    Please help... has anyone experienced anythign remotely close to this?

    this is the home stretch... I am still struggling with the fat in my mid section, that makes me crazy, too.

     I know I sound really stressed, well I am and I am scared..

  • It sounds like you may have water retention among other retentive the muscle plus the scale there at the gym may not be the same as home... 8th week from what I hear is trialsome as it is the 8th week. It also is a good week too.. have you noticed clothes differences? i would change up your workout a little so as to not get in a rut and stay focused.. you will be so glad you did.. you dont want to wonder what if in this case.. make sure ur eating veggies and getting fiber.. drink some extra water too... i think you will be just fine.. it will take a week to re regulate your system but youll be fine.. Do not worry!!! As far as mid section is the last to leave...very stubborn. I find a cup of hot tea curbs hunger.. if ur eating around 20 gr. protein that should last a while...I cant wait to hear how the rest of your week goes.. have a great day!!!!!!!


  • I also had a real motivation problem during my 1st challenge around week 8 and 9 and was starving as well.  Try to increase your lean protein sources a little bit, that might help you feel not so hungry.   Stick with it, I promise that if you are following it well, the benefits will be amazing.  Also, try not to get on the scale, don't let the scale determine how you feel about the challenge.  Do measurements and depend on those, don't let that scale rule your life.  I felt that my changes weeks 1-8 were minimal, but the changes from weeks 8-12, were stunning.  Look at my first challenge pictures JillC on and see what the changes from 8 to 12 weeks look like.  Stick with it, I know that you can do it!!!!  I am on week 7 of my 2nd challenge now.    

  • thank you guys so much. i think my veggie choices need to be changed to something more nutritious, I'v been extremely busy so i just grab something easy like a bell pepper and cucumber, i can eat those raw.  will keep you posted.

  • You are not alone, week 8 and dealing with similar issues here as well. Sticking with it and reserving judgement until day 84 is hard, on day 53 now.

    That is why it is a challenge, it is challenging.

    --- Kitty


  • JillC,

    Thank you for your positive affirmations of Week 8-12. I'm C1W7, and I've seen some noticeable change, but not substantial, even though I've been almost completely faithful to the plan: I missed one workout when I had a 24hour flu, and messed up maybe two meals on non-FreeDays due to Mother's Day celebrations.

    It's encouraging to hear that there are changes yet to come! I NEEDED to hear that! :D  Thank you for being here and posting!


    "The limits you are living with right now, in every aspect of your existence, have been created by your mind. They are perceptions. And they are holding you back. You are capable of far more than you think you are." -Bill Phillips

  • Josephine-Was your original wt. taken on that scale or scale from home? Reason I ask is I hate getting on the Dr. scale with those stupid slide bars, I always end up weighing like 10# over what I weighed at home...

    I'm in C2W8 and this week I have been starving as well...up your protein a bit, for instance yesterday with my M2 I had protein pancakes along with 2 hard boiled egg whites, this added an extra 7g of protein and I stayed pretty much full for 3 hrs. Also try taking a fish oil capsule at night before bed if you aren't taking FO in the first place.

    Jill is right, go by the measurements, not the scale; I put on a pr of jeans this morning (haven't worn them in a couple wks, they were skin tight btw) and this morning I practically needed a belt for them! So hang in there, WE can ALL do this thing!! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Hi Josephine,  You are doing great!  Geez...working out 4 a.m., a stressful job, illness!  Don't sell yourself short.

    I'm also in my 8th week my get this...I live alone so am just responsible for me...I don't have a job cause I was going nowhere with real estate and just decided to concentrate on THIS I can literally concentrate on this all day.  And it still took me like 5 weeks to get my exercise routine pegged.

    As is often said on this forum...alot of this is your mind set...and it is Progress....not Perfection.

    Just keep on...use the advise you've gotten here on upping proteins and just keep on.  Have a chat with yourself to give yourself an 'Atta Girl' for getting this far with all that you have going on in your life.  

    Your middle will be me I share your pain on that one.

    You can do it!  You will look better and feel better if you just keep on...don't let a little setback here and there put you off from the whole works, it works.  Keep us posted...we've got your back!

    Tammy - Atlanta

    You Get What You Give -'... if you feel your dream is dying...hold on've got the music in only get what you give.'  (New Radicals)

  • Jill,

    I'm on week 9 and am kind of in the same boat. I would love to see your pictures. Could you post a link?

    Every truly great accomplishment is at first impossible. ~Fortune Cookie~



    As you approach the last 3 or 4 weeks of your challenge, you will be met by many conflicting emotions and events! Here’s what is "likely" to happen if you have been working hard and dieting consistently. (If you haven’t been working hard and dieting consistently you’re probably not reading this and not even trying anymore anyway!):

    1. Tired..First of all, you’re going to be a bit tired, even after a weekend of light activity and reasonable eating. Bottom line is that a 12 week all out transformation takes a toll on both body and mind, and right now the body is beginning to signal that it is getting leaner and that it isn’t recovering fully from the beating you are giving it.

    While this could turn into an overtraining effect if it continued for another 8 weeks, keep in mind you have at most 4 weeks to go and this is the reward time. Force yourself to get a little more rest, even a nap if you can work it in, but DON’T cut back on the workout intensity. This is when muscles start popping out, striations and tendon inserts show up, and you begin to look like that poster or that photo you’ve been dreaming about! Completing a winning transformation takes lots of strength and stamina, and this is when you need it most!

    When you’re going through Hell, keep going!

    2. Emotions can really be on edge….. It can be almost like 4 solid weeks of PMS for some ladies! So, guys, if you’re reading this and your significant other is in week 8, it might be time to stock the bomb shelter or man cave with more beer and Diehard movies!

    3. Others will notice the very serious changes…. and they often kick into overdrive their efforts to "stop the madness" because your new appearance threatens them or requires them to think about why it is that they are not changing

    4. Hungry…..You will definitely feel a need for more food than in the past. You will be experiencing true hunger after two hours instead of around three hours as before. Depending on your leanness levels and goals you will want to choose either to ignore the hunger and eat the same schedule, if you are still needing to lose scale weight, or to add in about 20% more protein per meal if you are wanting to continue to grow or preserve muscle and are near the leanness level you want.

    I promise you that the next and last four weeks will not be easy. In fact, it will be very hard. But this is clearly no time to quit–you can practically see the finish line from here.

    Do what champions do, and literally force that flesh to do what you want it to. The body always thinks it’s going to die and tries to send all these "stop" messages to the brain.

    The disciplined mind will take those whiney messages for what they are worth and will step it up to the very end!

  • Josephine,

    I am on week 8 with you, I personally feel like I could've made better choices in the beginning of my challenge and I see these last 4 weeks as my last chance to give my best effort! Hang in there we can do this!!!

    Legs, great article for our situation (as always, your the best!)

    Tisha :-) “Running won't kill you, you'll pass out first!"

  • Just a note on the "regularity" issue. Try adding more fiber to your meals. Add more veggies. Incorporate more whole grains if possible. I found these great whole grain English muffins from Thomas' (they are called Better Start I think) that have 8g fiber per muffin. And make sure you are getting in your water. That makes a huge difference for me. Don't let the scale get you down. As long as you are seeing results, that's what counts. I am only down about 5 lbs but close to 2 sizes. Hope this helps.

    The only thing that can stop me. . . . . . . . . . is ME!!!!         JEN

  • Hey Deb,  

    ok there was something seriously wrong with the scale at the gym that day... I got on it the next monring just out of curiousity and I was back the the weight of last week. did not lose any more but at least I did not gain. I increased my protein and I also added a piece of fruit with my morning shake, wow what a big difference. i have defenitly been under eating, i knew that. Also I realized that my iron level was extremely low so I decided to have steak and a spinach salad yesterday and some left over steak for lunch today , Big difference in my energy level.

    Thank you so much for the advice. Congratulations on the jeans, isn't that exciting? you should be very proud of your accomplishment...

  • OMG this describes everythign that is going on with me to a T... I just love this place! thank you so much for posting this... i will print it and keep it in my bag to read whenever I start struggling.

    my emotions are going crazy, starving to the point of feeling like passing out, oh and sooo tired. i was wondering if my metabolism is working hard.

    Thank you again I feel better reading this, I am still tempted to have something sweet right now but i will wait until Sunday.

  • Josephine-Glad everything is working out!! Make sure you are eating enough...You will not have the energy you need to keep up with the workouts AND your body will start eating the lean muscle of energy which is what we don't want...

    Keep fueling that machine of yours!! And keep up the GREAT work!! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...