Week 5 ups and (mostly) downs

  • Hello fellow BFLers!

    Well, I just finished week 5.  Things to this point have been VERY good.  I started at 196 lbs. and I'm down to 182.  My goal is 175.  Week five for me was kind of a leveling out.  I only lost one pound which I'm good with because with 7 lbs to meet my goal, 1 pound a week will get me there, however this is the least amount I've lost in a week since I started.  All week I seemed to be hungry and craving sweets.  Sunday which is my day off was TERRIBLE.  I ate and ate and ate all kinds of junk food.  This is a little worriesome because this could be what I revert back to when my 12 weeks are up.  Additionally all the healthy food seems to be bland and not very filling.  The first 4 weeks I felt very satisfied, in fact some days eating 6 meals seemed overwhelming whereas in week 5 I felt like I was just waiting for the next meal because I was so hungry.  I even snacked (very small) for the first time since I started.  And I'm starting to get tired of drinking only water.  Workouts on the other hand are GREAT.  I haven't missed a workout or even taken it easy during a workout since I started. 

    All in all things are going very well, I feel stronger and faster, I'm fitting into clothes I put away months ago because they didn't fit, the weight is coming off and I definately feel better about myself.  I'm just having some trouble with the nutritional aspect.  Am I not eating enough, though I don't want to eat too much because I'm still trying to lose weight? Is there an alternative to water? How can I spice it up a little? 

    Thanks for listening and good luck to everyone on there journey.


  • Chuck-

    I think you are going through what all of us on here have gone through at about week 5.  I too, felt ravenous around weeks five and six. I still get that way, and I am on week 9!! I still stare at the clock and silently will it to go faster.... but it doesn't. What I have been told is to eat more vegetables with your meals- they fill you up more, eat a little more protein, also, drinking more water fills your stomach up. I have since then added salads with tomatoes, celery, carrots, and even raisens to my lunch and dinner meal (when I am more hungry).

    When are you most hungry?

    What days are you most hungry? Cardio wkout days or weightlifting days?

    How much water are you drinking?

    Hopefully these questions help you understand where you can modify your meals.

    Best of luck!! Keep going!!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Hi Chuck,

    That's inspiring to me; I just started Week 4 and I have lost zero.  This is disappointing but I know it's my own fault for eating way too much and junk food and sneaking in stuff when I know I shouldn't.... So it sounds like you've got this more down than me, I just have one suggestion for water: I use the diet "Natural iced tea" flavor of lipton instant drink mix, and I love it.  I can drink a gallon of water when it has this stuff in it.  And, it is natural flavors, not artificial.  5 calories per packet (1 packet flavors about 12 oz).  I'm not an expert on the plan so I'm not sure if it's allowed, but it's very low cal and it helps me a lot.  Good luck :-)

  • Chuck..you have met your Abyss.  The point to cross over whether it is food boredom or exercise boredom.  Do try to switch things up, maybe try some spices you have never tried before.