• I think I might have woken my neighbors when I screamed that yesterday morning...

    It was our free day and hubby wanted cereal for breakfast but we were out of milk. I got brave and decided to ride the bike my aunt gave me to the store, it has a basket on it so I figured I could put some groceries in that. So, with my husband sleeping in I set out hoping I would not need to call someone to come save me when I could not do it and needed to be rescued from the roadside.

    Cell phone in hand, I set out. I was very nervous, haven't done anything like this in many years for one, and there are no sidewalks around here. The store is not too far, not sure the exact distance but would say within a mile, but there are hills, curves, and a curved bridge over railroad tracks... not ideal conditions for a bike ride for healthy people who go for bike rides frequently, but I was determined to try.

    I DID IT!!! As I coasted down the hill back into our driveway I shouted it at the top of my lungs!

    So what if I have not lost a bunch of weight! So what if I still can't fit into most of my clothes!


    --- Kitty


  • Kitty--

    That's AWESOME!!!  Huge congrats to you!  I completely understand the so-called little successes that often feel greater than any amount of pounds dropped or weight lifted.  Yeehaw for you!!!


  • Kitty - Good for you!!!  It is stories like this that keep the rest of us motivated.  Keep up the great work!


  • That is fantastic Kitty. I love my bike too. :)

  • Thanks, this is a really big deal for me.

    --- Kitty


  • That's cool Kitty - as it should be. Best thing is WE GET IT HERE! and will cheer you on all the way. Keep peddling! Vroom vroom!

  • I love it!  I can feel your heart in your story and got a little choked up for you!  I am so happy to know you are getting from the program what I am hoping for.  Thank you for sharing.