Starting WEEK 12 today!!

  • Can't believe it's here. The last week of the challenge. I sort of feel mixed emoitions about it. On one hand, I'm excited to be at the last week, and on the other hand, it feels a little sad to be at the end. Ha! I realize this isn't really the end, but those who have made it to week 12 probably know what I'm talking about.

    I'm looking forward to having an awesome week to finish this thing out. Even though I'm still sitting at 12% fat, I'm still striving to get to 10% by the end of the week. Still got that little bit of low belly fat that won't give up! It just keeps hanging around like it has good sense. GO AWAY! You're not welcome here anymore! LOL!

    Well, here's to finishing out my first ever BFL challenge with a BANG!


  • Mike,

    Finish strong!  Can't wait to see your final pics.  I bet your co-workers will be amazed!  Good job!



  • Go get 'em, Mike! I finished mine on Mother's Day and I know exactly what you're talking about! In fact, I started C2 today! Felt like a ship without a rudder this past week.

    Week 12 gave me great results tho and was happy with where I finished, despite missing my initial goals by a bit. What a great feeling to wrap it up...Get some!!

  • Yay Mike!  Good for you!  I know exactly how you feel.  I was excited, sad, scared and happy all at once.   This is really very exciting though!  Work super hard this week (I know you will anyways).  I love looking at my 1st workouts and comparing them to my last workouts, such a huge differnce!


  • Congrats Mike, you're almost there!

    I know exactly what you're feeling - I finished my first challenge last week.  I have to say that I feel a bit lost and I know I'm supposed to be taking it easy with my workouts, but I feel like I'll lose all that I gained (and lost) if I 'rest' too much!

    Have a great week 12 - I lost a lot of body fat that last week - it was amazing!



    "Without struggle there is no growth"

  • Great Job Mike. I am so excited for you. Cant wait to see the final pics.

  • Rachel - you look great!  And, um, I see a six pack already!   Rock on, girl!  How much time did you take off between challenges?  I've taken a week off, but I'm gettting restless.


    "Without struggle there is no growth"

  • Oh I know Rachel. And I still remember a few weeks ago seeing your 12 week pics and how AWESOME you look!!  I'm so glad I journaled as I've gone through this so I could go back and see the progress. It blows me away to see on week 1, my High Point on treadmill cardio was 6.0 mph. This past Saturday it was 10.0 mph for that last minute. On lifting, Week 1 dumbbell bench press was 25 lbs for each dumbbell. Last week's workout I was up to 50 lbs for each dumbbell.  I wouldn't have believed the progress if I hadn't written it down! And that's been part of what's kept me motivated to keep going during the last 11 weeks. I definitely see the importance of journaling as you go. It's a really powerful tool.


  • Heather ~ Congrats to you for finishing!  I took two weeks off.  I didn't stop working out though.  I just did more cardio instead of weights (becuase I love cardio).  Thank you for the compliment!  I feel fantastic but not satisfied yet!  I will get to my goal very soon!  

    Mike~ I'm very glad I tracked all my progress too!  It really helps to look at how much you've improved in such a short amount of time.  

    Doesn't it feel great to be a success!!!??  We made a goal and we acheived it!  

  • Yep it's an awesome feeling! Can't wait to see what this last week has in store for me.

    I'm also planning to take 2 weeks off after this. No weights at all. But I'll do a little running in preparation of my FIRST EVER 5K run on Memorial Day. I set a goal to do a 5K in 2010 so I'm excited that it's coming up. Hope it doesn't kill me. LOL!


  • Hey too.....along with HeatherC are in our last week. Let's finish strong!!!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Way to go Mike and the others who are here.  Kill it.

    Mike:  Have you gained any type of mass/strength since changing your nutrition up a few weeks ago?

  • Yeah fit4life and HeatherC!!!! I'm all for finishing strong!

    @Armster - My strength has definitely improved, but my muscle measurements have stayed the same. In fact, over the whole 11 weeks, my muscle measurements have stayed the same. It's the weirdest thing. But I know it's because of the 'calorie deficiency to energy-spent ratio' since my body has been cutting fat because I've dropped 12% fat since starting, but all my muscle measurements have stayed the same. So the positive part is, I'm stronger than 3 months ago, I'm 12% lower body fat than 3 months ago, but I've got the same size muscles as 3 months ago, so now I've got the same size muscles but now on a body with only 11-12% fat so it looks a lot better.  I'm lifting quite a bit heavier weights than I was in the beginning so I know I'm stronger now.

    I'm going to take 2 weeks off after I finish, then I'm going on a bulking cycle to build up some size. Then I'll probably do BFL again to cut back down. But since I'm down to 11-12% body fat currently, I should be able to keep the fat fairly low even during the bulking stage. I'm still going to be eating clean, just LOTS more of it.