All C2 major losers...

  • so for those of you how loss 30-40 pounds in C1... what advice do you have. I see all the testimonials...many have lost so so much weight (30-40-50 lbs) if you have, I would beg you to write here and inspire us!

    i am so into this challange, but just a little fearful I will not shed the 30 lbs i need the 6 more weeks I have remaining.


    Should I eat less, run on resistance days as well..pray harder?

    Do tell...please!



  • <<<<< Tough Love Alert >>>>>


    You are not going to lose 30 lbs in the next 6 weeks.  Set a more reasonable goal for yourself.  Depending on your current weight, maybe 1-2 lbs each week.

    The 12 weeks for the challenge is an arbitrary timeline.  How do you feel physically?  Are you moving easier with greater flexibility?  Are you in better shape than you started?  Are you eating healthier?  If so then celebrate that fact every day.  After this 12 week challenge there will be lots more 12 week periods for you to continue that progress and continue to improve.

    I think so many people have unrealistic expectations for what BFL can do and is intended to do.  The examples that you mention along with the pictures posted in the champions' section are extreme results.  The average person does not see those results.  What you don't usually see in the photos are the hundreds of people who didn't stick with the plan and dropped out.  Be proud that you have stuck it out so far.

    Also you say that you are "fearful,"  See what you are doing to yourself?  Please let go of that fear and just go for the ride, eating cleanly and working out hard.  It is by continuing to practice BFL behaviors FOR LIFE that you can eventually get to the goal that you want.  If the "fear" you feel is real then you may be hurting yourself more as the body does not respond well for folks who exhibit stress while trying to lose weight.

    Extra exercise does help for some folks.  I take long walks (4-5 miles) in the afternoon at a swift pace about 3-4 times a week.  It bolsters my outlook and just feels good to be moving.  

    If you do decide to add cardio that is more intense than walking or a casual sport, then pay attention to your body and hunger, make extra sure to get all six meals in with proper portions.

    Lastly, jaja, this is all you, you got yourself into your current physical condition through your eating and exercise habits.  Only you can get yourself into better shape by committing to changing those habits over the long term.  Neither I nor anyone else here can stand over your shoulder in the kitchen or while working out to ensure that you have been hitting your "10s" and not cheating with food.  All we can do is respond if you insist that you have been 100% disciplined with both.  Adding a little nibble here or a little bite there can definitely impact your results.

    My best wishes for health, happiness and discipline to you jaja.

  • Good luck to you. So many factors come into play when dieting. Genetics, proper supplementation, diet choices, training, rest, overtraining, etc.

    Even though I don't know you I can tell you are really trying. Keep educating yourself and keep on fighting the good fight! You are on the road to a new you!!

    Good luck!