ok, it's your "free" day...what do you eat?

  • I tend to still graze a little.  

    Nice big breakfast (bacon and eggs with hash brown and buttered toast a favourite) with a full-fat soy latte with macadamia syrup.  I often like cheese and tomato on crackers for morning tea (or crackers and dip), lunch is usually some sort of take-away.  Love some sort of sweet and a coffee for afternoon tea - chocolate, ice-cream, cake, biscuits (cookies) and then a light dinner or a toasted sandwich.  I have cut my warm milo with marshmallow to just my free day which I slurp watching Star Trek.  

    I really have to have the weekly treat day or I'd go mental!

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • Instead of having a "free day" I have a free snack. The snack usually involves chocolate and I don't feel sluggish after. I continue to eat 6 meals that day and drink water. In the beginning of the challenge I used to eat unhealthy for one meal but it just added unwanted calories and I felt terrible.

    Each day is valuable and I want to honor my body. My health is more important than the Big Mac that I used to eat.

  • I "try" to keep to the 6 meals with kids that very hard, but I try.  The while idea of using th freeday to bridge accross a sleep session IMO is a bad idea and totally taking advanage of the defintiion of a day.

    I have a treat meal often 2 of them, but keeping the portions in control.  I enjoy a root beer and single portion bag of chips or bag of popcorn with all the dressings and snuggle up with my wife and watch something off the PVR.

  • Oh.....CHOCOLATE!!!! every time, I used to feel so guilty about eating a cookie but soon learned to let that go, I don't have a full free day as I don't really want to but when I did that one time I felt so awful and stuffed so I wait til the afternoon, just suits me much better.

    The free food has never derailed me ( in fact I still lost weight) and that's a miracle because I'm a chocoholic but this program is the only one that has taught me so much and finally I "get it".

    DebbieMO has good advice, I'd think what I really wanted on free day and made sure to have it...and if I had a wee bit too much to remember how it felt:)

  • such a good pt:  "No drug addict ever goes back to a little cocaine to reward themselves for not taking cocaine for yrs.!"  I'm gonna have to remember that one.... (unfortunately...)